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Does Easytrans24.com have a 24-hour service?

We always deliver by the earliest possible date and time. If at all possible, you will receive your translation within 24 hours – at
no additional cost.

How can I contact Easytrans24.com?

To place an order request, please click here. Our legal information, including our telephone and fax number and our address, can be
found here.

Do I have a direct contact person at Easytrans24.com?

We always provide our customers with a personal contact. We want you to be satisfied and receive individual advice and support. Having a personal contact means that we can cater for your specific needs and help you directly with any questions & problems.

How long does a translation take on average?

It is difficult to provide a general estimate here as the time required to complete the translation depends on the length of the text to be translated, the language combination and current translator availability. Generally speaking, we can complete a translation of up to 2,000 words in a day per language. We always make every effort to deliver your translation as quickly as possible and to grant you your desired deadline.

Is a quote request binding?

The quote request is not binding for you. For us, however, the prices offered are binding. Please note that translator availability
can change within minutes, meaning that we can only provide a guarantee of 60 minutes for delivery deadlines offered.

What file formats does Easytrans24.com support?

Ideally you should send us the texts to be translated in an editable Office format. Our price calculator supports DOC,
XLS, PPT, PDF and TXT files. Please submit special formats by e-mail rather than using the price calculator. As part of an
optional DTP service, we are also happy to localise special file formats in your desired language.

How will the translation be delivered?

If the source file is in an editable format, you will get the text back in the same format as the source text. PDF files and other non-editable formats are generally returned as a plain text translation (MS Word). We will be happy to offer you our DTP services for subsequent layout organisation.

Who can use Easytrans24.com?

Easytrans24.com specialises in meeting the needs of corporate clients in all sectors. However, we are also more than happy to
handle orders from private customers, and treat these with the same priority as those of corporate customers.

What services does Easytrans24.com offer?

We offer all language services from a single source. Alongside expert translations in 115 languages and 31 topic areas, we offer
professional editing and proofreading. Our DTP specialists will also be happy to help with organising the layout of your
documents for printing. For details on our services, please click here..

What benefits does Easytrans24.com offer me?

Easytrans24.com offers you language services with the best possible quality and personal care at particularly low prices.
Easytrans24.com is not a market place or platform where your quote requests are simply sent out to a pool. Every order
is individually processed and personally looked after, guaranteeing you quick and responsible handling.

What languages does Easytrans24.com translate into?

We can essentially translate from any source language into any desired target language. Our online price calculator has
115 languages and 31 topic areas to choose from for an advance price indication. In order to be able to offer you this, we work with more than 1,000 certified degree-educated translators worldwide.

I can't see my desired language in the price calculator.

In principle, we translate in all desired language combinations. If you cannot find your desired language, do not hesitate to call us
or write us an e-mail. We will then compile an individual quote for you.

Can translations also be certified?

In Germany, certifications can only be issued by translators resident and sworn in in the Federal Republic of Germany. As we work exclusively with native speakers that live in the country in which the target language is spoken, we are unfortunately unable to offer certified translations. We believe that because languages evolve constantly, good translations can only be guaranteed by using translators who actively use their native language.

Who translates my texts at Easytrans24.com?

Easytrans24.com works exclusively with academically trained certified translators. Our translators are based all over the world and, as native speakers, have a special feel for the language that they translate into. In addition, our translators possess specialist expertise, which allows them to produce top-quality translations of your texts in specific topic areas.

How is the quality of translations ensured?

In order to be able to offer you consistently high quality, all translations are produced in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 (our reg. no.: 7U286). As part of our double proofreading concept, all spelling and grammar errors that may have cropped up during the translation process are remedied by a second linguist. This means that we can guarantee you error-free translations.

Why do I need to select a subject field when submitting a quote request?

Citing a topic area for the texts to be translated is very important for the handling of the order. This allows us to assign the job to a translator with the specialist knowledge required to complete your translation.

Are the texts to be translated handled confidentially?

We handle all texts sent to us with the utmost confidentiality. In addition, all request forms on our website, including the contact
forms, are encrypted using SSL technology. As you would expect, Easytrans24.com also complies with the statutory data protection provisions.

What happens if I am not happy with the translation?

Despite the fact that we make every effort to satisfy you as a customer, in exceptional circumstances it may be that a customer is dissatisfied. In this case, we will do everything in our power to remedy the points that you feel are unsatisfactory. After all, your satisfaction is our priority.

How does Easytrans24.com help if problems crop up?

Should a problem arise, we will always make every effort to solve it as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. Your personal contact will be happy to provide you with personal support in order to meet your needs and provide you with the assistance you require.

Why is Easytrans24.com so cheap?

Thanks to our streamlined staff structure, our cost-efficient work flow and large volumes of orders for our translators, we are able
to offer our translations at particularly low rates. And this is to your benefit, as our prices are up to 30% below the market average.

How are the per-word prices calculated?

The per-word prices at Easytrans24.com are dependent on the number of words in the source text/s, the requested language combination as well as the topic area of your text/s.

Does Easytrans24.com provide discounts?

We offer our services at very low prices every day. However, Easytrans24.com also offers special discounts at certain
times. Follow us on Google+ , Twitter or Xing and redeem the published discount vouchers directly when placing your order request. Fixed discounts or lower per-word prices may also be negotiated in the case of large projects. Please check with your personal contact to find out
what we can offer in your individual case.

Why are some languages more expensive than others?

Due to lower supply, language combinations that are less in demand are sometimes more expensive than typical language combinations such as German to English. In addition, prices are influenced by the standard of living in the relevant target country. For example, a translation into Italian is generally cheaper to complete than a translation into one of the Scandinavian languages.

Are repetitions charged at full price?

If your texts contain a large number of repetitions, please let us know. If your texts contain at least 15% repetitions, these may be
able to be charged at a lower rate. If you do not inform us of any repetitions, we will charge at the normal rate

How do you pay at Easytrans24.com?

Corporate customers generally pay on account, by transfer or by direct debit, i.e. only once you have received the service.
Companies that are based abroad and private customers pay in advance. It is also possible to pay by PayPal, credit card,
Giropay and immediate transfer.