The commitment to quality

We guarantee high-quality translations


1. Certified native speakers

Our translators must pass strict requirements before they are taken on board, which is an essential prerequisite for high-quality translations. While other service providers advertise large numbers of translators, we only accept 5% of applicants – those who have made it through our multiple-stage application process. We call this ‘Certified by’.

2 Standard-compliant translations

We translate all texts in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 (our reg. no.: 7U286) and can guarantee high-quality translations. What does this mean? It means we ensure that the required technical resources are available, that standard-compliant quality checks are performed, and that sophisticated project management is offered – these aspects ensure the translations we provide to our clients are flawless.

3. Two-stage proofreading

Before final delivery, every translation is put through a two-stage proofreading process (translator + proofreader).

Translation memories for top quality

The foundation for high-quality translations’s translation memory technology ensures all your projects are stored electronically to help with future texts. Definitions, terms, complete formulations and all other translations are stored in translation memory. These saved sections are then available in the event of recurring or similar texts and ensure consistent translations across the board. You can also save money because you will not be charged twice for translations that have already been performed. Our advice section contains more information on the topic of translation memory technology.

Translation Memory

For our high-quality translations, source texts are divided into individual segments and all the translations are saved.


If an identical segment appears in a subsequent text, the corresponding translation is adopted directly. These are called ‘100% matches’.


The result: high-quality translations with consistent terminology, consistent wording and consistent corporate identity.



Real translators

For us, online dictionaries and machine translators, such as Google Translate, are taboo. We only work with real translators.’s commitment to quality combined with translation memory technology means we can supply high-quality translations in all languages and subject areas.

Fair prices & top quality

For €2.90 per job, we can save all your translations into our specialist translation software, which is tailored individually to your projects. This means we can guarantee consistent terminology across all your projects. You will also save money since you will not need to pay for the same sections of text twice.

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