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We are your Berlin-based translation agency

We provide Berlin-based translation services with more than 1,500 translators in over 115 language combinations and more than 30 subject areas.

Berlin translation agency

Berlin-based translation agency for all language services

All language services under one roof: translation, proofreading and foreign language typesetting.

Certified translations in Berlin

Berlin-based translations including a revision by a 2nd translator in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100.

Our translations in Berlin comply with translation standards and can be certified if required, all with guaranteed low prices and rapid delivery times.

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Berlin translation agency location

In our office in Prenzlauer Berg near the historic Bernauer Straße, we translate into languages from all over the world. Founded in 2001, we are now an international translation agency, offering all language services under one roof.

Berlin head office: Wattstrasse 11, D-13355 Berlin, near the Voltastrasse U-Bahn station at the corner of Bernauer Strasse (visits by prior appointment only).


Contact: Call us during office hours on +49 (0)30 814 593 270 or request a quote for your translation directly: Request a quote >


Translations in accordance with translation standards: Berlin-based translation agency registered in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100 for professional technical translations based on the two-person rule, and certified translations on request.


All languages: We undertake translations with more than 1,500 specialist translators in over 115 language combinations and more than 80 languages, making us your translation service for all languages.


All industries: We have experience and specialist expertise in over 31 specialist areas such as business & finance, law and IT. Every translation is completed by a skilled native speaker.

Translating for Berlin – our language services


We are a leading Berlin-based translation service for translations into almost every language. We have excellent specialist knowledge in a wide variety of industries. Certified and sworn Berlin-based translators translate for us in accordance with the highest quality DIN standards. Express translations are available on request. We cover more than 115 language combinations and 30 subject areas, for example video subtitling and the translation of websites and apps.

If you require certified translations, we provide sworn and state-certified translators so that you can submit official translations of documents such as references, marriage certificates etc. to the relevant authorities. All certified translations, for example from French to German or from Arabic to German, are delivered both in digital format and as a hard copy by post, with the stamp and seal of the state-certified translator.

Mistakes in punctuation and grammar or simple typing errors: they all endanger the trust of potential customers! The professional proofreading service from Berlin-based translation agency enables you to play it safe and have all the texts for your publications, shops or brochures revised.

All languages under one roof

Englische Übersetzungen (Großbritannien)

German-English/English-German: German-English and English-German translations are among the most frequently requested translations in Berlin. As a professional translation agency for English with headquarters in Berlin, we support you with both language pairs in over 30 specialist areas.

Spanische Übersetzungen (Spanien)

German-Spanish/Spanish-German: Spanish translations are particularly important for the tourism and viticulture industries. Translations from Spanish to German, on the other hand, are often required for certified translations of documents, certificates, etc., for which naturally provides suitable translators.

Russische Übersetzungen

German-Russian/Russian-German: Russia and the European Union are closely intertwined, particularly in the energy sector, and, despite political differences, have a close economic relationship. We offer professional translation from and into Russian in all relevant subject areas.

Türkische Übersetzungen

German-Turkish/Turkish-German: Turkey and the European Union have very close economic ties. This is why our translation service has extremely skilled specialist translators for localisations from German into Turkish, as well as state-certified translators for certified translations from Turkish into German.


German-Arabic/Arabic-German: Over 300 million people worldwide speak Arabic. Translations from German into Arabic are of great importance, especially for the construction and logistics industry. We support you with our local Arabic linguists to optimise your products for the Arabic-speaking world.

Griechische Übersetzungen

German-Greek/Greek-German: Thousands of people fly from Berlin to Greece on holiday every year so translations into Greek are in great demand for all areas relating to holidays and tourism. Our translation service supports you with professional Greek translations.

Polnische Übersetzungen

German-Polish/Polish-German: Poland is one of Europe’s economic miracles, so German-Polish translations are in increasing demand. Polish-German translations are also of great importance thanks to the large number of work placements.

Chinesische Übersetzungen (vereinfacht für China)

German-Chinese/Chinese-German: China is the second largest economy in the world and numerous German companies are active in the Chinese market. Our translations from German to Chinese will ensure that you too are well positioned for the Chinese market.

Specialist translations

As a professional translation agency, has prominent skills in more than 30 specialist areas. Thanks to over 1,500 specialist translators from Berlin and the rest of the world, we know your industry inside out, both in terms of content and subject, and are your ideal specialist translation service. For example:

Legal translations of contracts or official documents should be carried out exclusively by translators who have specialised in legal texts. For submission to Berlin courts, certification by a sworn translator is also recommended.

Technical translations: Specialist translations of manuals or operating and maintenance instructions for machines, robotics and other automated solutions require extensive specialist knowledge. Thanks to the specialist translators from, coordinated by our project management team in Berlin, you will always achieve your objectives worldwide.

Software translations: Software solutions encompass many languages – we translate your front end into all languages worldwide through the use of linguists who specialise in software and app translations. We support a wide range of file formats, from Android-XML to WordPress-XLIFF, and help you to place your software solutions worldwide.

Shop translations: For the translation of shop solutions such as Shopify or Amazon, we offer tailor-made solutions using our native speakers who specialise in shop translations. Here, too, we support a wide range of file formats and interfaces.

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FAQs about the translation agency in Berlin

What makes stand out as a Berlin translation agency?

We stand out thanks to our low prices, excellent translation quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100 and our outstanding specialist knowledge in all industries. From our capital city office in Berlin, we coordinate all translation jobs for Berlin and the surrounding area.

Which translation languages does the Berlin-based translation agency support?

More than 1,500 translators from over 80 countries work for our head office in the German capital. In addition to English-German translations, we also offer native-language translations in more than 115 other language combinations, for example German-French, German-Polish and German-Spanish.

Which specialist translation areas does in Berlin cover?

We provide translations in over 30 subject areas, working with certified specialist translators who have at least 5 years of professional experience, for example in legal translations, technical translations and certified translations.

How much does the translation service in Berlin charge for a translation?

We use a transparent invoicing method for our translation services. We charge per source word, i.e. the total number of words in the original text. Prices start from 0.099 EUR per word, which corresponds to around 30.00 EUR per page.

Are there any vacancies for translators in Berlin?

We employ more than 120 translators in Berlin and are always looking for committed linguists. If you are a native speaker and would like to work with us, you can apply to work for our translation agency as a translator in the Berlin area.

How long does it take to have documents translated in Berlin?

Regardless of your location/city and the texts to be translated, we can translate around 2,000 to 2,500 words per working day. If you need translations in several languages, the translations are carried out in parallel using several translators.