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Adjusting layout, proofreading and final review

Translating brochures, flyers and other visually complex texts can be a large job: Preparing the texts needing translation, performing the translation, inserting the new language versions, adjusting the layout, proofreading, requesting a test print, and performing a final review. If you order desktop publishing from our translation agency, we can take this complex task off your hands. Simply provide us with the original documents and we will take care of the rest.

Step-by-step for a flawless layout

Perfectly localised translations thanks to desktop publishing

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Send us open, original files including all headings and images. We will then perform desktop publishing to prepare the texts to ensure the translator knows what they need to translate.

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The translator begins the work of translating your texts. The commitment to quality is put to use by choosing expert, certified native speakers and then passing the texts through a two-stage proofreading process. Then the actual task of desktop publishing commences.

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Layout design

Our DTP specialists will carefully and precisely adopt the original layout with any necessary adjustments to the layout also being performed. This is often required if the translations are longer or shorter than the original.

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To conclude, a PDF export of the translations is performed and the texts are carefully checked for errors in a final review. Desktop publishing thus involves a three-stage checking process and you can rest assured your texts will be flawless.

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