Technical translations for the automobile industry

Why translations for the automobile industry are so important

The automobile industry is undergoing the greatest upheaval seen for more than 100 years. The global market is growing, the electric motor is set to replace the combustion engine over the long term, IT is making its way into the cockpit – those working in this industry are thus faced with great challenges. Technical translations from Easytrans24.com can help you transition smoothly into the future. Automobile companies operate around the world and need to address and international audience. High-quality translations are a central component in being able to conquer the global markets. Due to the high number of sales in the USA, English translations are the most important, followed by Chinese due to its huge population and correspondingly large automobile market. Other up and coming countries, such as India and Brazil, are also set to become major players in the future.

The following section contains a summary of key information. See here for more information on automobile translations, our services for this sector, and the translation process in general:

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Technical translations for the automobile industry

The following section will show prices for various regions and potential translation costs. The volume of text (word count) always forms the basis of pricing calculations, which is then multiplied with the word price for each requested language combination:

  • Translations from German into any other language are available for as little as 7.9 cents per source word. The use of translation memory technology (€2.90 extra per order) makes it possible to ensure consistent terminology and phrasing by saving it per project and using it for subsequent translations. This also adds up to significant cost savings since you will not be charged again for terms and sentences that have already been translated.
  • We offer translations into German from as little as 9.9 cents. For translations using other language combinations, see our online price calculator on the homepage to see which target languages are possible from the source language and what the word price will be.

The delivery time depends on the extent of the source text. You can get a reliable prediction of costs by uploading your text into the online price calculator on our homepage.

Subject areas in the automobile industry

We are the ideal people to contact if you need a variety of documents translated for the automobile industry. We can do everything – from car manuals, repair instructions, through to catalogues for car and truck parts. The following subject areas are often involved in technical translations:

  • Manufacturing/production
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance/servicing
  • Design
  • Equipment
  • Energy efficiency/consumption

As this sector continues to change, more and more areas will be added to the list. Digitalisation is also being introduced into the automobile industry and is causing a great number of changes, which will impact the global distribution of vehicles – this also means well-polished, technical translations will be more significant than ever.

What is involved in technical translations for the automobile industry?

Translations for the automobile industry require technical understanding, which must be reflected in the specialist vocabulary used. Be it repair manuals, technical documentation, catalogues for vehicle parts, or data sheets – Easytrans24.com ensures that both the content and linguistic aspects of the text are completely accurate.

This combination enables you to address each type of customer in exactly the way intended. The presentation and structure of content can be very different depending on the type of text. For example, data sheets are best presented as clear, easy-to-understand lists and tables without too much flowing text, which makes it even more important that the technical terms are translated well. Operating manuals, on the other hand, need to feature logical and clear instructions on what to do using carefully selected words and phrases, whereas product texts will also need to incorporate emotional factors.

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The industry

A detailed look at the automobile industry


Synergy effects and tradition: These are the areas covered by the automobile industry

At its heart, the automobile industry is divided into manufacturers and suppliers. Companies from both sides of the industry work hand-in-hand and make the vehicles we know today possible in the first place. Specialist suppliers work on producing low-cost parts and supply the manufacturers just-in-time for them to transform the individual parts into the end product.

Since so much needs to be transported, there is another commercial arm, which is inextricably linked to the automobile sector: logistics. Service providers, such as workshops and tyre manufacturers, also play a major part.

Good to know: Key facts on the automobile industry

The following key figures for the vehicle industry make the sheer market volume clear to see:

  • Around 76 million cars were registered worldwide in 2014. Around half of these vehicles (48%) were in industrial countries, and the other half (51%) were in recently emerging markets. Developing countries, on the other hand, only accounted for 1%.
  • By 2050, it is estimated that there will be 2.7 billion vehicles on the world’s roads.
  • To keep up with the strong demand, manufacturers are producing around 83 million cars a year worldwide. This corresponds to around 150 cars a minute and 2.6 cars a second.

This trend will only be accelerated by new developments, such as electric cars, networked on-board systems and advanced autopilots.

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Translation process

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We can help you offer your operating manuals, manufacturing guides and specification sheets in every applicable language around the world. We are guaranteed to have the right translator for your technical translation needs. Simply send us your file and we will provide you with a non-binding quote that is sure to meet your expectations.

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