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Professional gastronomical translations

Important for tourism and international visitors

Gastronomy is one of civilisation’s oldest types of business. This industry meets a basic human need and in the modern day, it is also combined with other factors such the company of others, ambiance and passion. These characteristics make gastronomy more international than any other sector. The translators at Easytrans24.com will support you with professional translations perfectly tailored to your industry.

A quick glance at modern day cities is enough to see how international the field of gastronomy has become. In Germany alone, you can find culinary specialties from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, India, China, Japan, the USA and Mexico all over the country and these businesses are often run by people from the cuisine’s home country, which means it is necessary to have translations into their host country’s language. This begins with the business plan prior to founding the company and ends once the menus and communications, such as advertisement posters and flyers, have been created.

Germany itself is a diverse country, which means German restaurants and cafés need to present their foods and dishes to an international audience. Our translators will be glad to help with this task.

The following section contains a summary of key information. See here for more information on gastronomical translations, our services for this sector, and the translation process in general:

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Our services

A glance at Easytrans24.com’s prices


Translations for the field of gastronomy are calculated using the number of words in the text, which is then multiplied with the range of language combinations requested. Customers can thus plan costs precisely thanks to this transparent pricing approach. The price per word always depends on the language combination:

  • From German in English – from 9.9 cents per word
  • From Italian into German – from 10.6 cents a word
  • From Spanish into French – 13.9 cents per word on average

Those looking to make big savings should opt to use translation memory technology. For €2.90 per job, we can save all your individual terms and phrases into a database, which means subsequent jobs will not need to be re-translated and the word count price will decrease accordingly.

These examples emphasis the differences between the language combinations. To find out which language combinations are offered, and how much they cost, see our online price calculator on the homepage.


Translations for the gastronomy industry

Gastronomy is fast-moving and always open to new trends. Special terms have become established which provide customers with clarification. Keywords, such as organic food, street food, food trucks and craft beer demonstrate the strong influence the English language has on this field. There are a range of other concepts, such as molecular cooking and traditional names – be they fajita, sashimi or ramen – have become naturalised.

In light of this ever-growing vocabulary, our gastronomical translations are key in facilitating communication between providers and their customers. This applies to inside pubs, online and in marketing campaigns. Furthermore, since contemporary gastronomy awakens emotions and appeals to the curiosity of people, translations must not only be correct in terms of content, but also need to employ the right tone. Easytrans24.com has all the expertise needed and offers their services using a transparent pricing structure.


Why Easytrans24.com’s gastronomy translators are so indispensable to you

Let’s take a look at some specific areas where translations are frequently required:

  • Menus
  • Purchasing, storage & logistics
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Cooking appliances & equipment
  • Job postings
  • Online content & website translation


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The sector

Key facts on the gastronomy sector

The hospitality industry features countless catering operations all working using different concepts. The restaurant is the traditional type, fast food operations represent newer additions, and bistros and bars often act as the bridge between restaurants and fast food.

The food production industry is closely linked to gastronomy. Without breweries, farms and food factories, the field of gastronomy would cease to exist. The same applies to manufacturers of kitchen appliances and other important equipment – from founding the company through to producing consumables, such as beer caps and table covers. Last but not least, logistics companies ensure the reliable transportation of goods and facilitate regular, day-to-day business.


Facts and figures on German gastronomy

People like to eat out, that much can be seen quite clearly in figures produced by the gastronomy sector:

  • There are 73,919 official restaurants in Germany. These are responsible for a large portion of the sector’s total revenue of €48.2 billion.
  • These figures also have an impact on the job market: German food business employ more than 450,000 staff.
  • Fast food catering is marching ever onwards: A leader in this segment, McDonald’s achieves turnover of around €3 billion a year.

Home cooking is also becoming more trendy but this will only have a very small impact on the business forecasts for the gastronomy sector. This new interest in good food should give the industry new and interesting perspectives.

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Translation process

The translation process at Easytrans24.com

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We can help you offer your menus, food advertisement and kitchen appliances around the world in all relevant languages. We are capable of providing translations in any style you wish – marketing/advertisement texts or specialist translations for menu and kitchen appliances. We have the right translator for every type of text. Simply send us your file and we will provide you with a non-binding quote that is sure to meet your expectations.

Translations must not be based on a ‘recipe’ or set of instructions. They require creativity...