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E-commerce has long since taken the lead and has entirely redefined how we all do business. The ability of the Internet to transcend boundaries is key in this success and has led to foreign languages becoming more significant in business planning. For ambitious e-commerce companies, this means professional translations by Easytrans24.com can help guide the way into the future. The main players in the e-commerce field are generally active on an international level. Manufacturers sell their products around the world using the Internet, and wholesalers often source their products from foreign countries. Due to the many categories of goods in e-commerce, there are certain foreign languages that will be needed for a range of areas. English, as a world language, takes the leading role. Countries such as China are also important as their purchasing power increases and their business transactions are performed more across national boundaries.

The following section contains a summary of key information. See here for more information on e-commerce translations, our services for this sector, and the translation process in general:

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Our services for e-commerce success


During our 15 years of industry experience, Easytrans24.com has witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce first hand. As such, we are ideally placed to produce translations for this area. As always, the price per word is used to calculate the price you pay and optional extras, such as the use of translation memory, can also be included to complement our wide range of services.

  • German online shops can translate their website content into English for as little as 9.9 cents per word.
  • In the reverse order it costs 10.6 cents per word and up.
  • Other combinations, such as Turkish into Spanish, can be provided for 7.9 cents per word and above.
  • The use of translation memory costs a lump fee of 2.90 Euros per job.

All prices are calculated on an individual basis – a fair and transparent deal, which you can create using our online price calculator on our homepage for a quick overview of costs. The option of directly uploading the text you require means you can receive a written quote for your translation project within 30 minutes.


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The industry

The various areas of e-commerce

Translations for e-commerce cover a wide spectrum. The main types include:

  • Product descriptions
  • Category texts
  • Social media posts
  • Advertising texts
  • Newsletters
  • Shop presentations
  • Product news
  • Press releases

In other words: Easytrans24.com can help you translate your entire website and provide you with high-quality translations for all related online activities.

Translations for the field of e-commerce

A large proportion of e-commerce transactions are aimed at end consumers (B2C). This means you must speak in their language and need to meet the increasing demands placed on this sector by end consumers. Traditional advertising-speak is no longer sufficient: the main focus is on the breadth of information provided and, in ideal situations, this can be used to tell a story and simultaneously advertise your product.

Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the increasing use of mobile devices. All types of content need to be quickly accessible on small screens, which primarily affects the language used. The lack of space on smartphone displays should be accounted for and used to its fullest without losing any key statements or information.

Although B2C e-commerce accounts for a much larger share, the B2B segment is also experiencing constant growth. This applies, for example, to the sales and distribution of manufacturer products to wholesalers. Here again, rules apply regarding style and language but they are different.

E-commerce translations are therefore present on a variety of levels and all require different approaches. Companies which understand these rules of play can benefit from a decisive competitive advantage by using professional translations from Easytrans24.com and set the course for a successful future.

E-Commerce: A modern day industry – an overview

E-commerce refers to all trading activities performed using the Internet. In simpler terms, e-commerce can seen as putting your goods and services up for sale using online shops and trading platforms. Internet-based shops are the direct competitor to traditional, bricks-and-mortar businesses and have already conquered a large part of the market.

E-commerce is subdivided into the fields of B2C and B2B, which stand for ‘business to customer’, i.e. end consumers, and ‘business to business’, which refers to electronic commerce between two or more companies.

Fact check: The upward trajectory of e-commerce becomes clear from the data available

‘Electronic commerce’ is here to stay. Market data clearly demonstrates its dominance:

  • Global growth: Around the world, e-commerce participants achieve turnover of around 1.6 billion Euros. However, this is simply the start: Even just within growth regions such as Asia-Pacific, sector experts expect turnover to soon exceed the billion mark.
  • Germany as a driving force: From 2002 to 2015, e-commerce turnover in Germany jumped from 2.3 to 39.8 billion Euros. By 2016, turnover had achieved new highs of more than 40 billion Euros. However, the largest jump so far took place between 2011 and 2012.
  • Online trading is on the rise: In 2015, online orders accounted for more than 90% of sales from trade conducted in Germany. 71% of which was conducted on computers via websites, 1.1% was email orders, and 18.5% of orders were made using mobile devices. The trend of ordering via smartphone is growing the strongest of all.

So there is no doubt that the Internet will dominate the way we do business in the future. Due to the blurring of borders between countries, it is now high time to set your sights internationally in the way you communicate – the skilled translators at Easytrans24.com are at your service to guide you along the way.

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