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Legal translations

By Easytrans24.com

Legal translations require specialist technical translators with the right expertise in the legal field. Here at Easytrans24.com, we work with more than 1,000 certified technical translators and are able to provide translations of contracts, terms and conditions, patent documents, and many other texts created by suitable translators.


Contract translations

By trained legal specialists

Contracts are one of the most frequently translated types of texts. Whoever sells and markets products and services around the world will need to provide flawless legal translations to their business partners, suppliers and customers.


Translation of GTC

For well regulated business relationships

General terms and conditions mostly relate to the legislation in effect at a company’s headquarters. We can supply legally accurate translations of your T&Cs to ensure your company can conduct its transactions correctly and without any concerns.


Appraisals and judgements

Formulated cleanly and accurately

It’s a common occurrence: Damages and legal disputes abroad, assertion of claims – but all of it in a foreign language. Our legal translations will help you clarify disputes and put in place effective regulations.


Technical legal jargon

Perfectly formulated by expert translators

You can rely on our highly trained translators. We offer translations of contracts composed by expert translators who can properly interpret legal content and are adept at using the typical legal jargon used in the target language. Legal translations by Easytrans24.com can help support you as you focus on growing markets around the world.


Affordable prices

By Easytrans24.com

We can offer translations of contracts and general terms and conditions from as little at 9.9 cents per word. More complex legal translations, such as purchase contracts, cooperation agreements or appraisals, created by our translation agency start from 10.6 cents per source word, depending on language combination.