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Software and app translation

By Easytrans24.com

Apps have been a part and parcel of the lives of millions for a number of years. This means that app and software translations of all types can be crucial if you intend to offer your products around the world. Don’t limit yourself to the English-speaking world – offer your products in a range of languages to as many potential customers as possible. Easytrans24.com can help you with the task of translating apps and can provide the right expert translator for each of your products.

Apps allgemein

Translation of apps

Into every language

The following might be of interest to those of you developing apps for smartphones, tablets or desktop computers: An app translation can increase downloads by more than 120% and lead to 1/4 more in turnover – when multiplied across various countries; it really adds up. This is why you should have your apps translated into as many languages as possible.


Translation of iOS apps

By true native speakers

Before launching your iPhone and iPad apps in the Apple App store, get the content translated and reap the profits. There’s nothing more embarrassing than poor quality machine translations – have your apps translated by a professional translator by contacting Easytrans24.com.



Translation of Android apps

To reach millions of people

Smartphones with Android as the operating system lead the global sales lists, which is why translating your apps for the Google Play Store is so crucial. Reach millions of potential customers with a professional translated app created by Easytrans24.com.



Translation of web apps

Because cloud computing is here to stay

More and more applications are moving into the cloud: Abode’s Creative Suite, iWork by Apple, Microsoft Office and thousands of apps from smaller software studios. We can translate any type of app based on HTML, XML, JAVA and CSS.


All file formats supported

for spotless localisation

Whatever programming language your app is based on: Our translation agencysupports 40 file formats. To translate an app, our translation editor breaks down the visual content into segments and hides all the codes to give the translator a clear view of what needs to be translated. They can then focus on the text itself and your codes will remain intact in amongst the words.

Why pay more?

Easytrans24.com offers affordable prices

Translating apps does not need to be expensive. You can order an app translation from us for as little as €79 and we offer a whole host of languages: 1,000 translators work for us and can translate in 31 specialist fields via 115 language combinations. In addition to a complete localisation of your app into English, make the most of its potential by translating it into a selection of languages and reach millions more users.

Apps allgemein

Smartphone apps

Translate into all languages

Apple’s iPhone revolutionised the mobile phone market back in 2007. Since the sale of WhatsApp, many developers have realised an important aspect: Reaching the widest audience possible is key. The best way to achieve this is with an app translation created by Easytrans24.com. Order your app translation today in any language of your choice and reach millions of additional users.


Offering tablet apps

Around the world

In 2010, Apple converted the iPhone concept into an innovative tablet form they named the ‘iPad’. They soon realised the potential of apps for the iPad. Other companies, such as Google and Windows, quickly followed suit and responded with their own versions of the iPad concept. Order a professional app translation from us today for your tablet applications and reach even more potential users.