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Russian is one of the 12 global languages and is widely used in many other countries outside of Russia. Russian translations allow you to spread your message further and tap into new, emerging markets.

1,500 native speakers for Russian translations

Fast and DIN-compliant translations from Russian into 80 languages

All language services from a single source: Editing, proofreading, specialist translations and certified translations into and from Russian.

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High-quality Russian translations using the four-eyes principle

Professional translations for German – Russian/Russian – German for anyone who comes into contact with the Russian language as part of their business

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Translation agency for Russian – German

Professional translators: Discover our fast and professional translation service for yourself. Translations from and into Russian are exclusively undertaken by native-speaking translators with at least 5 years of professional experience and excellent specialist knowledge.


The highest standard of quality: Professionalism and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 for Russian and guarantee the best quality the highest quality standards for all language services. We are your expert for Russian-German text translations, specialist translations as well as certified translations and translate into many language combinations.

All subject areas: Our translators are experts in a wide variety of subject areas and always live and work in their respective native country. For example, selected specialist translators for Russian solely translate within the field of medicine, technology, e-commerce or the automobile industry. All specialist translations into Russian and from Russian are delivered quickly and reliably.

Russian for all language combinations

Russian is the official language of Russian, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, and is spoken in many other countries by part of the population as a first or second language. Russian grammar is complex and the alphabet is large. Our translators have mastered all aspects of the Russian language and, in addition to Russian-German translations, can also translate from English-Russian, Russian-Turkish or Russian-Croatian. Unusual language combinations such as Italian-Russian, Kazakh-Russian, Romanian-Russian are also possible, as well as the classic Ukrainian-Russian.

Deutsche Übersetzungen (Deutschland)

German-Russian translations: Russian translations allow you to directly approach the entire Russian-speaking market. This could be the energy sector, agriculture or industry: With Russian, your message can reach the relevant target groups in Russia as well as other former Soviet Union countries and neighbouring countries.

Englische Übersetzungen (Großbritannien)

English – Russian translations: English is quite simply the global language and essential for international business communications. With top-quality English-Russian translations, we help you to build long-lasting relationships with your partners. We also take the stylistic and cultural aspects of the destination country into account.

Türkische Übersetzungen

Russian – Turkish translations: Turkey is a popular travel destination for Russians. Each day, our Russian – Turkish translators perform localisation work for the tourism industry. Close business relations are also formed in the energy and retail sectors, making high-quality translations indispensable.

Französische Übersetzungen (Frankreich)

French-Russian translations: France and Russia traditionally have close economic ties. For many years, the two countries have engaged in regular cultural exchanges. For each project, we find the right French-Russian or Russian-French translator with expertise in more than 30 specialist areas.

Polnische Übersetzungen

Polish – Russian translations: We offer professional specialist translations for all of Eastern Europe. We produce top-quality localisations taking the latest developments into account for our customers in Poland, Belarus and Russia. Our Russian-Polish translators have expertise in over 20 industries and 30 subject areas.

All language services from a single source

For more than 20 years, we have been providing high-quality language services for our customers across a wide range of sectors. With our constantly growing international team of over 1,500 specialist translators, we always find the right solution for your project. High-quality Russian-German text translations, accreditations and specialist translations form the basis for long-lasting, international business relations.

Text translations: As a professional translation agency for Russian and 80 other languages, supports you with your global communication, such as with text translations. Our sworn translators have many years of professional experience and are not afraid to tackle more complex topics.


Certified translations: If a translated document is to be submitted to an authority or university, it will usually require certification. We can quickly and reliably produce certified translations in Russian-German and all other language combinations.

Specialist translations: You can rely on us. At, we offer our customers a quality guarantee on all translations delivered. This naturally also applies for our specialist translations in Russian for over 20 industries and 30 subject areas.

Specialist translations for every occasion

As with all other services, we ensure that our specialist translations are carried out by qualified, professional translators with expertise in the relevant area. For more than 20 years, customers have been relying on our services – both for legal translations as well as medical and technical translations.

Legal translations: When it comes to legal translations, it is particularly important to work in a legally clean and precise manner. At, we can translate contracts, certificates, legislative texts and other legal documents from Russian into German. Our sworn translators deliver legally watertight texts.

Medical translations: Contextual accuracy also plays a key role for all kinds of medical translations. Some of our Russian translators are therefore also qualified doctors, pharmacists or nurses and impart their know-how in the form of translations for the medical technology, dental medicine or pharmaceutical industries.

Technical translations: The translation of operating instructions, technical documents and process descriptions requires a high degree of expert knowledge that can guarantee. Technical translations in Russian are essential for our customers in the industrial and economic sectors.

FAQ: The most important questions about Russian translation

What are the costs for Russian-German translations at the translation agency?

We provide all kinds of translations at a fair price. The costs for Russian–German translations start at an affordable 9.9 cents/word. It doesn’t matter whether you want your website translating or a contract proofread. We will be happy to provide a non-binding quote for you.

What can I expect from the Russian translations at

As a DIN EN ISO 17100-certified translation agency, we offer our customers high-quality translation services with a quality guarantee. Our portfolio includes written translations, certified translations by officially recognised translators as well as specialist translations from and into Russian. Our expertise covers more than 20 industries.

What distinguishes the Russian translators of

As a certified translation agency, has a broad network of qualified translators with industry experience in over 50 countries worldwide. We have the right linguist on hand for every language and industry. We always commission native speakers, meaning that each Russian translator will translate solely into their native language.

Are there Russian translator jobs available at

More than 1,500 talented linguists have already found their dream job at Perhaps you’ll be next! As a Russian translator, you’ll receive a variety of translation projects on a regular basis at attractive rates. We look forward to receiving your application!