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Turkish – a language that is as fascinating as the people who speak it. Worldwide, the Turkish language connects more than 75 million native speakers.

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Turkish translations according to DIN EN ISO 17100 by native translators

All translation services from a single source: Standard translations, certified translations and specialist translations.

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Standard-compliant Turkish translations according to the dual-control principle

Professional German – Turkish / Turkish – German translations to present your content to a wide Turkish-speaking market.

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Professional translators: Individual specialist translations by our Turkish specialists: Our language talents have years of industry experience and can support you with translations for Turkish – English, Turkish – Arabic, Turkish – Kurdish and other language combinations.

DIN EN ISO 17100

The highest quality standard: As a DIN EN ISO 17100 certified translation agency, we adhere to the highest quality standards in our Turkish translations. specializes in particular in Turkish – German text translations, technical translations and certified translations into Turkish.

All subject areas: Our 1,500 linguists have strong skills in more than 30 subject areas, including technology, law and marketing. All Turkish translations are done quickly and reliably. The complete satisfaction of our customers is what drives us!

Turkish for all language combinations

It is estimated that Turkish is the first language of 75 million people worldwide. Most native speakers live in Turkey and Cyprus. As a local official language, Turkish can also be heard in North Macedonia, Romania and Kosovo. We translate into over 115 language combinations, including Turkish – German, English – Turkish and Arabic – Turkish.

Deutsche Übersetzungen (Deutschland)

Turkish – German translations: Around 2.8 million people with Turkish roots live in Germany, many of whom came to the country as guest workers. High-quality Turkish-German translations strengthen the relations between Germany and Turkey and not only in the areas of business, trade and tourism.

Türkische Übersetzungen

English – Turkish translations: A trade agreement between Great Britain and Turkey has greatly strengthened economic relations between the two countries. Our Turkish – English translators are consulted, for example, for high-value localizations in the automotive, manufacturing and steel industries.


Turkish – Arabic translations: Just like Turkish, Arabic is an oriental Islamic language. Our certified Arabic-Turkish translators are familiar with the specifics of both languages and will expertly translate all your content into Arabic to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Turkish – Kurdish translations: Kurdish languages are spoken in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. However, Kurdish is only the official language in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq. Our Kurdish – Turkish translators have linguistic and technical skills as well as sensitivity towards the Kurdish history.

Albanische Übersetzungen

Turkish – Albanian translations: Every day, our Turkish – Albanian translators produce industry-relevant translations, primarily for the trade, health and finance sectors. Our localizations are also in high demand in the energy sector, as the country has one of the highest shares of renewable energy in South East Europe.

Bulgarische Übersetzungen

Turkish – Bulgarian translations: For many Turkish companies, Bulgaria is considered the “gateway to Europe”, which is why the Balkan State is of particular importance. Turkey and Bulgaria are also aligned when it comes to political issues, such as migration. Our Turkish – Bulgarian translators contribute to a smooth understanding between peoples.

All language services from a single source

For more than 20 years we have been providing our customers from a wide variety of sectors with high-quality language services. Turkish – German text translations, certifications and specialist translations are essential for successful communication between business and trading partners. Institutions and private individuals also benefit from the many years of experience of

Text translations: As it is important how your message is received by the audience, we always translate every text, every email or every letter with pinpoint accuracy. For each project, we choose the right translator with at least 5 years of professional experience.


Certified translations: In order for translations to be recognized by authorities, courts or universities, they sometimes have to be certified. On request, we can provide sworn translations for certificates, references, court judgments and more.

Specialist translations: As a versatile translation service, provides you with high-quality specialist translations for Turkish and other languages. We support you with professional specialist translations in areas such as medicine, law, IT and technology.

Specialist translations for every target group

We offer first-class Turkish technical translations in over 20 industries and 30 subject areas. Only certified specialist translators are used, who only translate into their own mother tongue.

Legal translations: In order to guarantee precise, legally impeccable communication, we only use sworn translators who meet our high quality standards for the translation of contracts, general terms and conditions and marriage certificates, for example.

Medical translations: We offer professional specialist translations for doctors, pharmacists or pharmaceutical companies. Confidential and with impeccable terminology, we translate doctor’s letters, package inserts and specialist medical literature from and into Turkish, among other things.

Technical translations: Technical manuals, operating instructions and project documentation require a high level of technical expertise. In our global network of qualified specialist translators, we will find the specialist for your technical translation into Turkish.

FAQ: The most important questions about Turkish translation

What are the costs for German-Turkish translations at the translation agency?

With us you get excellent text and language translations in German-Turkish with outstanding value for money. The costs for a Turkish translation start at 9.9 cents/word. We would be happy to provide a non-binding quote based on your text.

What can I expect from the Turkish translations at

As a translation agency with more than 20 years of industry experience, we are your reliable partner for translations from Turkish to German, but also for other language combinations such as Turkish – English, Turkish – Spanish or Turkish – Dutch. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and work error-free according to the dual-control principle.

What distinguishes the Turkish translators of

More than 1,500 qualified translators work for in over 50 countries worldwide. Our text and language translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers who are highly competent in the industry in question. This enables us to offer our customers translation services with a quality guarantee.

Are there Turkish translator jobs available at

We are always looking for reliable language talent and offer exciting assignments with fair pay. Our job offers are aimed at Turkish translators and other trained language mediators. We look forward to receiving your application!

Which language combinations for Turkish are requested particularly often?

The languages Azerbaijani, French, Romanian and Russian are frequently requested for translations from and into Turkish. This means that the language combinations Turkish-Azerbaijani, Turkish-French, Turkish-Romanian and Turkish-Russian, and vice versa, are in great demand.

Can I have several documents translated that have different source languages?

You can upload multiple files via our online form and adjust the source language for all documents in step 4. This way you can request documents with different source languages in different target languages. You will then receive an offer for all language combinations with a calculation basis per word.