Translations for your Industry Sector

by Qualified Experts

We are a professional translation agency that delivers first-class, industry-specific translations. We translate texts everyday for customers from a wide variety of industry sectors and branches of business. The many years of experience we have amassed in the translation industry enables us to identify the specific features that distinguish each sector. We have outlined below some key facts about translating for your sector so you will know what you need to consider when commissioning a translation to specifically suit the needs of your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about translations for your industry sector, if you need to discuss file formats or if would like to know how long it will take us to translate your texts. We ensure that your translation will only be carried out by a qualified specialist translator who has specific knowledge and experience of your industry sector.


Tourism Sector can quickly turn around high-quality translations for the tourism sector and we also offer excellent terms and conditions. Our native-speaking specialist translators work day in, day out translating a wide range of texts into a whole host of languages for our many clients in this sector.


Automotive Sector

Translations for the automotive sector contain a large number of technical terms. This is why it is very important to ensure that translations for the automotive sector are completed by the right specialist translator. We guarantee that we only use translators with a proven background in science and engineering who are experts at translating texts for the automotive industry. Do you need more detailed information about translations for the automotive sector? You can also refer to the section entitled technical translations on the subject specialisms page.


Advertising Sector

Translating for the advertising sector requires a certain degree of linguistic flair to ensure that the translated texts appeal to our customers’ target markets. When handling translations for the advertising sector, we are also able to apply our knowledge and experience of SEO and SEA so that your translation will have high search engine relevance in your target markets abroad.

IT & Telekommunikation

IT Sector

The IT sector has grown substantially in both domestic and foreign markets in recent years. This has led to an increase in demand for translations for the IT sector. Our team at is able to provide exactly the right specialist translator for your IT translations. Please refer to our subject specialisms section to find out more detailed information on the subject of IT translations. If you are considering commissioning some IT translations, you may also find the articles entitled IT Translations and Software Translations of interest.


Mechanical Engineering Sector

The mechanical engineering sector, which operates both in the domestic market and in countless export markets, is one of the most important industry sectors in Germany. We are able to offer industry-specific translations for the mechanical engineering sector and we only appoint native-speaking translators with a proven background in engineering to ensure that your mechanical engineering translation is of the highest quality. When dealing with your specialised translation, we would also be pleased to offer you additional support as you focus on managing the internationalisation and marketing of your products.


Transport & Logisitics Sector

Many of our customers from the logistics sector are already well established on the international marketplace. Increasing numbers of goods are being transported across international borders which has led to an increase in demand for translations that relate specifically to this industry. Our experienced team at would be pleased to handle your industry-specific translation requirements for the logistics sector. One of our native-speaking linguists will be delighted to work on your translation and will ensure that it fulfils the requirements of the logistics sector.


Healthcare Sector

Our knowledge of medicine is more sophisticated today than ever before. However, progress also presents new challenges and raises questions that we would never have imagined in the past. Our translation agency ensures that the highest quality standards are met when we deliver specialised medical translations for the healthcare sector. Please refer to our page on subject specialisms to find out more detailed information on the subject of medical translations.

Finanzen und Versicherungen

Financial and Insurance Sector

Banks and insurance companies are continuing to increase their presence on the international stage. Translating texts for this sector can often be very challenging and requires the translator to have extensive background knowledge and expertise in this field. We consistently provide reliable and accurate specialised translations for our partners in the financial and insurance sectors.


Environmental Technology & Renewable Energy

Germany is aiming to take a pioneering role in the fields of environmental technology and renewable energy. This is fast-growing sector which is undergoing constant change. Due to the rapid pace of change in this sector, it is imperative that the translator possesses up-to-date specialist knowledge and is familiar with the latest innovations. This ensures that you will receive a first class industry-specific translation that suits the requirements of the environmental technology sector. Most of the translations we handle that relate to the environmental technology sector are technical translations or translations relating to the renewable energy specialist subject area.


Wholesale and Retail Sector

The wholesale and retail sector has evolved from its classic model to a multi-channel system that operates both online and offline. Specialised translations for the wholesale and retail sectors are as diverse as the sector itself. If you would like to know more about what is involved in producing your translation for the wholesale and retail sector, please take a look at our subject specialisms pages at the articles on webshop translations, or refer to the page onmarketing translations.

Subject Specialisms, Industry Sectors and Languages

On this page, you can find out more about the subject of industry-specific translations. Our translation agency differentiates between industry sectors and subject specialisms. You can also find out more here about specialised translations for your specialist subject area. Please take a look at the information we have compiled on medical translations and technical translations. In addition to finding out some useful tips and tricks on producing translations for the various industry sectors and subject specialisms, you can also refer to a summary of all the language combinations that we offer. How about a translation into Chinese or perhaps Japanese?