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Translations for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest upheaval seen for more than 100 years. The global market is growing, the electric motor is set to replace the combustion engine in the long term, IT is making its way into the cockpit – those working in this industry are thus faced with great challenges. Technical translations from Easytrans24.com can help you transition smoothly into the future.

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The calculation basis is always the volume (word count) of the source text, which is multiplied by the word price of the desired language combination. The word price depends on the language combination as well as the degree of difficulty of the text. For a binding offer, you can submit a request at any time in the top right-hand corner.

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Translation memories

Our translation memory technology enables us to save uniform terms and individual formulations related to your projects and to use them in subsequent orders. Texts that have previously been translated are discounted, saving you money. Translation memories form part of the Easytrans24.com quality principle.

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Technical translations

Translations in the automotive sector occur primarily in manufacturing/production, maintenance/servicing and development (energy efficiency, consumption, equipment). Due to the current shift towards e-mobility, digitalisation is also increasingly gripping the automotive industry and thus also increasing the need for other technical translations.

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Specialist translations

Translations for the automotive industry require technical understanding, which must be reflected in the specialist vocabulary used. With 1,500 specialist translators worldwide, Easytrans24.com not only has know-how in the automotive industry, but also extensive expertise in other specialist translations.

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The automotive industry in detail

The automotive industry can essentially be divided into manufacturers and dealers. Companies from both sectors work hand in hand and make the car as we know it today possible in the first place. In 2021, around 66 million cars were registered worldwide. By 2050, this figure is expected to reach 2.7 billion vehicles. About half of these vehicles (48 percent) are currently in industrialised countries, the other half (51 percent) in emerging markets. Developing countries, on the other hand, account for only 1 per cent.

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