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Bosnian translations by Easytrans24.com

Bosnian translations at native speaker level by real translators

Translations of various texts into the Bosnian language or from the Bosnian language into another language.

Bosnian Translations

Our Bosnian translators always deliver high-quality results.

Translations include from Bosnian into Croatian or from Bosnian into Serbian, among others. We are at your disposal as a translation agency.

Bosnian translation agency

Professional translators

All translations from or into Bosnian are carried out exclusively by Bosnian native speakers with several years of professional experience. Only they know the cultural peculiarities of their language and thus ensure permanently high-quality translations.

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Highest quality standard

Reliability and quality are our top priorities. In order to meet the high quality demands of our customers, we translate in accordance with standards and are also a certified translation service provider in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100. We also work with state-of-the-art translation memory technology.

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All sectors

Our Bosnian translation team consists of translators specialised in various fields. Mechanical engineering, law and medicine are just three of a total of 31 subject areas in which we can offer you high-quality Bosnian translations. We are able to provide suitable translators for all industries.

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Our Bosnian translations

If you are looking for native-level, professional translations into Bosnian or from Bosnian into another language, you have come to the right place. We offer excellent value for money and highly reliable order processing. We translate exactly what you need in more than 115 different language combinations worldwide. In addition to regular translations, we also offer editing services, which typically include checking spelling, grammar, style and typography. Alternatively, we also offer proofreading which focusses on spelling and grammar.

20 years of industry experience

Our 20 years of experience in the industry ensure high-quality and professional results when it comes to our translation work. Those who are professionally or privately active in Bosnia, or would like to be in the future, have numerous advantages over their own competitors when collaborating with us. Entering the country or tapping into the Bosnian market is easier if you speak the language or have your requests translated.

Our translation team

Professional translators

For Bosnian translations, we currently have a team of 49 specialist translators based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Germany. We can therefore provide suitable translators for every project.

Real native speakers

For Bosnian translations, we offer translations in 31 different subject areas such as law, culture and industry & commerce. Since we at Easytrans24.com place the highest value on know-how and flawless quality, we only employ qualified linguists.

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Industries in Bosnia & Herzegovina

A particularly important sector in which Bosnian translations are repeatedly requested is import and export from other EU countries. The free trade zone that has been in place since 2013 makes Bosnia attractive for goods transactions of all kinds. Bosnian translations prevent communication problems and can speed up professional processing. Logistics is therefore an important industry that will continue to rely on high-quality translations in the future.

Bosnian in all language combinations

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The Bosnian language

The Bosnian language is mainly spoken in the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. The Bosnian alphabet consists of 30 letters. The letters q, w, x, and y, for example, do not exist in the Bosnian alphabet and are replaced by alternatives, which in turn are not found in English. In Bosnia, people are increasingly using the Latin alphabet, which differs from the Bosnian alphabet in only a few respects.

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Dissemination of the Bosnian language

The Bosnian language (in Bosnian: bosanski jezik) is spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Montenegro and in parts of Kosovo as one of the three official languages there. Bosnian is also spoken in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. Bosnian is spoken as an official language by approximately 1.87 million people. Bosnian is spoken by around 3 million people worldwide, including many expatriates in Turkey or the USA.

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Services at a glance

Certified according to ISO 17100

Easytrans24.com is certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and has over 20 years of experience in the translation industry as a professional translation agency. With our 1,500 specialist translators worldwide, we offer not only Bosnian translations but also high-quality text translations, certifications and specialist translations into many other languages.

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Text translations

With our translation service, texts can be translated quickly and easily from or into Bosnian by real native speakers. From simple standard texts to complex operating instructions, we translate all texts for you with a choice of three quality levels.

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Low prices

We offer native-level translations and proofreading services for the Bosnian language. Bosnian translations cost between £0.087 and £0.095/word. We charge £0.056 for proofreading in the Bosnian language. In addition to Bosnian, you can also request a quote for other languages.

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