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E-commerce translations

E-commerce has long since taken over, and is redefining the concept of trade. The cross-border nature of the Internet has played a decisive part in this, meaning that languages have also grown in importance. For ambitious e-commerce companies, this means selling across borders with professional translations from Easytrans24.com. Online shops should always be internationally oriented in global e-commerce. Due to the many different product groups in e-commerce, the focus on specific languages remains an individual matter. English, the world language, also plays a leading role here, but translations into other languages also boost e-commerce sales.

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E-commerce translations


Easytrans24.com has experienced the steep development of e-commerce at first hand. We know the importance of competitive rates for e-commerce translations. The cost of translations depends on the language combination chosen as well as the difficulty of the source texts. You can find out more about the pricing of our different quality levels in our Prices section.

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Translation memories

Through the use of translation memories, consistent terminology is maintained across all e-commerce translations. In addition, saved repetitions are charged at a lower word rate, which makes translations particularly affordable in e-commerce.

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Specialist translations

In e-commerce, translations are important for product descriptions, metadata, advertising copy, newsletters, social media posts and many other areas. We have many years of experience and know all the ins and outs of the B2C sector.

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E-commerce in detail

A large part of e-commerce is aimed at end consumers (B2C). The language as well as the appearance must be aligned accordingly. Moreover, most people no longer shop in e-commerce on a classic desktop computer, but with their smartphone. Shop solutions must therefore also always be mobile-optimised so that e-commerce can bridge not only national borders but also end devices. Large providers such as About You or Zara are also relying on apps as shop replacements. Content and products of all kinds are offered with optimised tracking in modern e-commerce. The fields of app translation and e-commerce are merged as a result.

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