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Translations for renewable energy

Climate protection presents the modern world with global challenges. New concepts and forward-thinking ideas are the key to solving these challenges. The energy sector around renewable energy will be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world for a long time, and where there is growth, there is change. In this context, the Easytrans24.com translation agency positions itself as a reliable partner for translations with the highest quality standards.

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Technical translations


In addition to quality, pricing always plays a major role. Various language combinations are relevant for renewable energy translations. Prices depend on the language combination chosen and the difficulty of the source text.

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Translation memories

The use of translation memories ensures uniform terminology for all types of technical translations. This is especially important for large operating manuals, such as for solar installations. Alongside our quality levels, the translation memories are an elementary component of the Easytrans24.com quality principle.

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Specialist translations

The demands on renewable energy translations are multifaceted. For this reason, we only use expert translators with the appropriate knowledge of this sector, for example in a scientific or technical context such as solar, wind or other areas.

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Renewable energy in detail

What is renewable or regenerative energy? It is the opposite of finite energy sources such as coal or other fossil fuels. Strictly speaking, fossil fuels are not finite either, but they regenerate in part only over the course of millions of years, making them a finite resource for our next generation. Renewable energy, on the other hand, is available to us in inexhaustible quantities or regenerates very quickly compared to fossil fuels. This primarily includes solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and bioenergy using biomass. All these examples show that environmental technology draws on resources that have existed longer than humans themselves. However, the intelligent use of precisely these resources is an evolving process.

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