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Professional IT translations

Over the last 20 years, the IT industry has exploded like no other. Its rapid growth sparked a technological revolution, ushering in the digital age. The IT industry is now as broad as its growth has been dynamic. IT translations from Easytrans24.com help you to meet international requirements in this field. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and work with more than 1,500 translators worldwide.

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Professional IT translations require the use of translators who specialise in IT translations. Nevertheless, the costs of a translation also play a role. These depend on the language combination chosen as well as the level of difficulty of the texts.

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The use of translation memories ensures consistent terminology across all marketing translations. This is especially important for IT-heavy texts or other comprehensive software solutions. In addition, translation memory technology is an elementary component of the Easytrans24.com quality principle.

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Specialist translations

IT translations are important for app content, software solutions for end users or even for a machine’s control software, among other things. Knowledge of the relevant technical jargon is just as important as being able to think your way into software operation. We have strong expertise in IT translations for various industries.

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Where once the division into software and hardware was sufficient, today an impressive diversification has emerged. Smartphones and tablets, mobile and desktop computers in all variations, smart glasses, smart home devices, internet-enabled watches and digital communication devices are some of the best-known examples. In addition, there is cloud computing, modern software applications such as apps and intelligent programs for the car. The IT sector also includes microchip manufacturers, whose products are the prerequisite for all computers. This development makes it clear why translations will become even more important in the IT industry in the future.

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