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Software & app translation

For years, apps have shaped the daily lives of millions of people. If you want to offer your products internationally, the translation of apps and software solutions of all kinds is of paramount importance. Don’t limit yourself to the English-speaking world: offer your products to as many potential customers as possible. We at Easytrans24.com are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and help you with the translation of apps. For this purpose, we provide you with the appropriate specialist translators for each product.

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Not only is the clean translation of software or app solutions important, but also the localisation costs at the end. For app translations from German to English we charge £0.10/word, for more complex software solutions £0.11/word. You can read more about our prices and quality levels in our Prices section.

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The use of translation memories guarantees consistent terminology for all software translations. This is important for all software elements such as buttons, notices and the like. Saved repetitions are also charged at a lower word rate.

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Specialist translations

Software translations address a large audience across all sectors. Subdivisions into further specialist areas are not uncommon, for example in video editing or control software for machinery. We have many years of experience in more than 30 specialist areas.

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Software & apps in detail

An app translation can increase your downloads by over 120% and lead to 1/4 more sales – per country, of course. You should therefore have your apps translated into as many languages as possible. This applies equally to iOS or Android apps and to web apps. Avoid embarrassing localisations by machine translations at all costs and have your apps translated by the professional translators at Easytrans24.com. As a translation agency, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and specialise, among other things, in the localisation of software and apps.

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