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Legal Translations

Legal translations require specialised translators with the right expertise in the legal field. Here at Easytrans24.com, we work with more than 1,500 certified technical translators and are able to provide suitable translators for the translation of contracts, terms and conditions, patent documents, and many other types of text.

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Ensuring that translations use the right legal jargon is just as important as translation costs. For legal translations from German into English we charge £0.095/word, for the reverse language combination £0.11/word. You can find out more about our prices in our Prices section.

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The use of translation memories ensures consistent terminology for legal translations, which is particularly important for contractual texts. Saved repetitions are also charged at a lower word rate. These translation memories form an elementary part of our quality principle and are used for every assignment.

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Specialist translations

Translations of legal texts are important for all kinds of scenarios. Whether general terms and conditions for an online shop or complex contract regulations for company sales: the translations must be correct in terms of content and produced by experienced specialist translators. We have many years of expertise both in the legal field and in other specialist areas.

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Legal translations in detail

Contracts are among the most frequently translated types of text. Anyone who sells products and services worldwide must provide business partners, suppliers and customers with impeccable legal translations. General terms and conditions, for example, mostly refer to the legislation at the company’s location. However, this does not apply to damages and legal disputes abroad as well as the assertion of claims, and in most cases another language is required for this. In such cases, we at Easytrans24.com are able to provide you with highly qualified specialist translators and top-quality translations.

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