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The Easytrans24.com guide

Several factors are important for ensuring an optimal translation process. As a translation agency, we understand these factors and have therefore provided you with valuable tips for preparing your translations, important things to know during the translation process as well as the subsequent follow-up of your translations. Technical aspects in particular, such as the range of file formats or questions about industries and subject areas are dealt with. These include, for example, technical and medical translations. However, aspects also exist that are unique to each language, such as English or Italian translations.

1. Preparing your translation

Prepare your files

Are PDF files suitable for translation? How can sections not requiring translation be excluded in Microsoft Word? In this section, you will learn how to prepare the most common file formats for translation: File preparation

Prepare your translation request

What information is important for the translator? What style of language do you want? Are there specific wordings or terminology databases to be adhered to? We explain which information leads to the best possible translation result: Prepare translations

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2. During the translation process

Questions during the translation process

Clarification may be needed during the translation process. Here we explain why you should always be available during the translation process: Questions

The translation process

What happens after you confirm an order? How does the translation process work? In this section, you can find out how we translate and which technical support tools we use: Translation process

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3. Follow-up of your translation

Give feedback

Translations are always a learning process. Especially when collaborating for the first time, there are many points that need to be addressed: Do you like the language style? Does the tone correspond to your corporate identity? Find out more: Give feedback


What to you need to do after receiving your translation? There are some important points to consider. We explain what’s important here: Review

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Other important tips

Translating subtitles for YouTube videos

Do you have a YouTube channel and publish videos regularly? In that case, you should think about offering subtitles in several languages. We explain how you can transcribe your videos in just a few steps and then have them translated: YouTube subtitles

Translation memory technology

What are translation memories? What are they for and how do they benefit you as a customer? We explain how individual translation memories can improve the quality of translations and reduce costs: Translation memories

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