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YouTube: translating video subtitles

In this article, you will learn how to translate subtitles for your YouTube videos into several languages in just a few steps.

More languages, more reach

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are used to elaborate dubbing into German when it comes to cinema, TV and streaming services. In other countries, cinema films in particular are usually screened with the original soundtrack and subtitles in the respective national language. In the same way, you too can reach an audience of millions on YouTube.

Tip 1: Automatic subtitles

To create subtitles, you need a transcript of the original soundtrack, ideally with timecodes. YouTube has an automatic transcription engine for some languages, which copes well with German-language content. However, the result usually still requires a lot of manual rework.

Tip 2: Professional subtitles

Certain providers specialise in transcribing films and offer very high quality. While the YouTube engine cannot correctly recognise every spoken word or distinguish between several people in a dialogue, such details are expertly taken into account in a manual transcription.

More tips

Need a quote?

The quickest way to get a quote for subtitling your videos is to make an online enquiry via our website. We will request the video file and desired target languages and will send you a quote within 30 minutes.

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