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Industries & Specialist Translations

As a professional translation agency, we offer industry-specific translations at the highest level. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100 and translate for numerous customers across different industries.

Industries at a glance

Tourism & culinary

Hardly anything is more emotional than the topics of travel & tourism or culinary delicacies. Find out more about these topics and why we are the right partner for you:
-> Tourism and hotels
-> Gastronomy translations


In the automotive industry, many innovations converge and thus place equally high demands on various specialist areas:
-> Automotive translations
-> Technical Translations

Advertising & PR

Translations in this industry require a special linguistic sensitivity in order to both address the target group correctly and to convey the content properly:
-> Marketing translations
-> PR translations

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All languages

In addition to the industries and specialist areas, you can of course also find out about our languages. For example, we offer Italian translations for e-commerce & retail or French translations for focussing on countries such as France, Belgium or Switzerland.

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