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Tourism translations

The hotel industry is one of the most important and oldest industries in the world. In the 21st century, travel has become a popular hobby because as incomes rise, so too does the demand for balance from the often stressful working day. This is precisely where we position ourselves as a reliable translation partner: Easytrans24.com is certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100, translates into more than 80 languages and works with over 1,500 translators worldwide.

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In addition to high quality, the cost of a translation always plays a major role. For tourism translations from German into English, for example, we charge just £0.10/word, for German-Italian £0.095/word. You can read more about our prices in our Prices section.

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The use of translation memories guarantees consistent terminology for all tourism translations. This is especially important for repetitive and extensive texts on booking portals. In addition, saved repetitions are charged at a lower word rate.

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Specialist translations

Tourism translations are important for online bookings of hotels, rental cars, events and much more. Keywords such as star rating or king-size bed must be known and linked to experience. We have many years of experience both with tourism translations and with specialist translations for other fields.

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Tourism translations in detail

Translations for the tourism sector are like the industry itself, since tourism is more of a generic term that encompasses many sub-areas. Whether hotel websites, booking portals or software for booking systems, the requirements are complex and the necessary expertise is therefore particularly important. We support you with your translation needs and already translate for well-known clients in the industry.

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