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Medical Translations

Medical knowledge and the resulting therapeutic options have never been more sophisticated than they are today. Research in the medical field is constantly producing new findings and changing our understanding of health accordingly. However, our globalised world also brings many new challenges and raises questions that can only be answered globally with the help of medical translations. We at the Easytrans24.com translation agency rise to this challenge and offer professional translations on the subject of medicine.

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While the translator’s professional competence plays an overriding role in medical translations, the question of translation costs is of course also important. The prices depend on the language combination and quality level selected.  You can read more about the prices for the AI+, BASIC and PRO quality levels in our Prices section.

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Through the use of translation memories, consistent terminology for all medical terms can be maintained in medical translations. Repetitions are saved and charged at a lower word rate. Translation memories play a major role in the Easytrans24.com quality principle.

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Specialist translations

Medical translations are important for research as well as for specialist publications or medical technology. The specialisation of the translators used plays a very important role. We have a great deal of experience with both medical translations and other specialist translations.

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Medical translations in detail

The medical industry is one of the oldest trades we know. At the same time, hardly any other industry is subject to such strong change and constant evolution. Today, we rely on sophisticated medical equipment and the expertise of medical professionals. In Germany, more than 150,000 people work in the medical sector and exports of medical technology have an annual volume of well over 30 billion euros.

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