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Translation agency for English translations

English translations by native speakers in over 30 subject areas

English is the most spoken language in the world. With English as the international language of education and the primary language of business, English translations are of great importance.

1,500 translators for English translations

High-quality ‘DIN EN ISO 17100’-compliant translations into English for all industries

All language services under one roof: English translations, certified translations, specialist translations and more.

Top-quality English translation service

Standard-compliant English translations according to the dual control principle

Professional translators for German – English/English – German to make content accessible to an international audience.

English – German translation agency

Professional translators

With more than 1,500 experienced translators, we have the right English translator for every language combination in our team. Whether German – English, Turkish – English or English – Russian, our native speakers provide English translations of the highest standard.

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Highest quality standards

We are DIN EN ISO 17100-certified as a translation agency for professional translations into English, among other languages. Upon request, our translation service also offers certified translations for German – English and other target languages.

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All fields of expertise

Benefit from our expertise in 31 subject areas including business & finance, medicine, IT and law. We guarantee expertise and the highest quality for our English – German and German – English specialist translations.

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English for all language combinations

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Translations from and into English

As a professional English – German translation agency, Easytrans24.com offers high-quality translation services from and into English. We translate in more than 115 language combinations, including Russian – English, English – Chinese, Japanese – English and Romanian – English. We also have experienced text translators for Spanish – English and Arabic – English in our team.

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German – English translations:

As the language of education and business, English reaches people all over the world. Professional English – German/German – English translations are therefore in high demand. We offer these language services in more than 30 subject areas.

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Turkish – English translations:

Turkey maintains close economic relations with Germany and other European states. We offer professional Turkish – English translators for the tourism, industry and trade sectors, among others.

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English – Russian translations:

In addition to knowledge of the Cyrillic script, an English – Russian translation always requires consideration of the cultural and thematic context. In addition to raw material trade, text translators are also in demand in the fields of industry and agriculture.

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All language services under one roof

Outstanding expertise

Easytrans24.com is a translation agency for English, among other languages, with strong expertise in over 30 subject areas. Whether text translations or certified translations, with our constantly growing international team of over 1,500 specialist translators, we always find the right solution for our customers.

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Text translations

Translations into English provide access to a gigantic international market. Our translation service means that you can have texts translated quickly and easily. We adhere to the highest quality standards, both for German – English text translations and for other language combinations.

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Certified translations

Certified translations for every occasion: certified translations are required whenever a document needs to be legally binding. Our sworn translators are frequently used for certified German-English translations of deeds, documents, certificates and judicial decisions.

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Specialist translations

With more than 1,500 specialist translators worldwide and strong expertise in a wide range of sectors, including medicine, IT and marketing, our translation agency is your ideal partner for specialist translations in all language combinations, both in terms of content and subject matter.

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Other languages from Easytrans24.com

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France is one of Germany’s most important trading partners. Specialist French texts and French translations are particularly in demand in the fields of science, culture and tourism and are produced by us with a great sense of commitment.

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From brochures and websites to technical manuals: as a professional Greek translation agency, we offer tailor-made translations from and into the Greek language.

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The Arabic language is a complex language with which we are very familiar as an experienced translation agency. A major advantage: our specialisation in translations in marketing, IT, law and other relevant fields.

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Specialist translations for every occasion

Specialist translations

Professional technical translations from Easytrans24.com thanks to 20 years of industry experience: as a professional translation agency, we not only offer technical and legal translations but also support you in the areas of medicine, business and websites with specialist German – English translations.

Business translations

As English is the primary business language of companies all over the world, business translations in this area are of particular importance, for example an English translation of a CV as part of a job application.

Legal Translations

Legal translations require not only language skills but also an understanding of the legal field being dealt with. Our state-certified and sworn translators translate legal texts from and into English with the utmost care. Learn more about Legal Translations

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FAQ: The key questions about English translation

What are the prices for German-English translations at the Easytrans24.com translation agency?

We offer affordable and transparent prices for English – German/German – English translations. The costs for our translation services start at a reasonable £0.087/word.

What can I expect from the English-German translations at Easytrans24.com?

Our English translators offer consistently high-quality translation services and have at least 5 years of professional experience. As a reliable English translation agency, we guarantee competitive rates and high-quality specialist translations to and from the global language of English.

What distinguishes the English translators at Easytrans24.com?

Our English translators are all native speakers with the appropriate specialisation in translation or interpreting. All documents, certificates and texts are translated by our English translators in accordance with the dual control principle, depending on the quality level selected.

For which subject areas does Easytrans24.com offer German-English translations?

Our English translators translate in more than 30 specialist areas for over 20 industries. These include technical and medical translations as well as translations for the tourism, finance and IT sectors. We also have specialised translators for the English translation of legal texts such as contracts and NDAs as well as apps and software solutions.

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