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How much does a certified translation cost?

The cost of certification for all documents is £13.50 per document. In addition, there are the costs for the translation per word. If only a few pages are to be certified by a sworn translator, there is a charge of £6 per page.

Certified translations by sworn translators

In many cases, a sworn translator is required in addition to the translation. A certified translation is an official document that can be presented to domestic and foreign authorities as well as in court. The sworn translator affixes their stamp, signature and a certification note to the translation, thereby confirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation and is thus liable for the content of the certified translation. Due to the thematic diversity, certified translations are needed for different purposes and by different target groups. Private individuals require certified translations if graduation certificates, driving licences or medical reports need to be translated, for example. Corporate clients require extracts from the commercial register, annual reports or financial statements to be translated.

Only sworn translators can issue certified translations

Not all translators are allowed to certify translations. This requires approval from the competent district court. For this purpose, personal suitability as well as the required expertise must be proven beforehand. This ensures that the sworn translator can correctly translate the content into the target language. This is very important because the sworn translator takes legal responsibility for the translation and testifies that the document has been completely and correctly translated into the target language. By the way: the words “sworn translator” and “state-approved translator” are to be understood synonymously. They prepare the certified translation.

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