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What does target language mean?

The target language of a translation is the language into which it is translated. For example, if a translation from English to Chinese is required, the target language of the translation is Chinese.

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Translations into different target languages

The target language is the crucial component in the translation process. It is thus the counterpart to the so-called source language and determines the language into which the translation is to be made. The desired result of a translation service is usually derived from the target language. For example, products or services are also to be distributed on the international market, for which numerous translation services into the corresponding target languages are required. If German companies want to sell their products in Italy, for example, they need translation services with Italian as the target language.

What do you need to be aware of?

There are various points that should be taken into account when deciding on a particular target language and so that the desired result can be realised with as little subsequent effort as possible. The extent to which this can make sense with regard to the above-mentioned internationalisation of a company is explained below.

Defining target language precisely

Sufficient attention should be paid to the subject of the target language at the beginning of any translation project. Even if you think it is logical as to which target language is needed, this question cannot always be answered clearly. Professional translation agencies offer several language variants as target languages. For example, to cover the Chinese market, you need simplified Chinese as the target language, while for Taiwan you need the traditional variant of the Chinese language. Different language variants also exist for the English target language, as differences exist between the American and British variants, especially in written English. Therefore, it should always be considered in advance which target language is really needed so that the translation also addresses the right target audience.

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