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Gastronomy translations

The restaurant business is one of the oldest trades known to man. The industry serves a basic human need, which in modern times is combined with other factors such as conviviality, ambience and passion. These qualities make it international in a way few other industries are. The Easytrans24.com translation agency supports you with professional translations that are precisely tailored to this industry.

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Gastronomy translations


Easytrans24.com offers competitive rates for translations in the gastronomy sector in various languages. For translations from German into English we charge £0.10/word. For the reverse language combination, the charge is £0.11/word. You can read details about the prices of our different quality levels in our Prices section.

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Through the use of translation memories, consistent terminology is maintained across all gastronomy-related translations. This is especially important for menus, such as recurring seasonal menus. In addition to the selection of translators, the use of memory systems contributes to a significant increase in quality.

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Specialist translations

Gastronomy translations often convey feelings and touch tasteful senses. This requires a special sensitivity on the part of the linguists employed and a good understanding of the B2C sector. We also offer the expertise of outstanding and experienced technical translators in other specialist areas.

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Gastronomy in detail

Gastronomy is fast-paced and regularly develops new trends. Many terms have become established that require an appropriate translation. In Germany, buzzwords like organic food, street food, food trucks and craft beer show the strong influence of the English language. In addition, there are special cooking concepts such as molecular cuisine and the naturalisation of traditional names such as fajita, sashimi or ramen. Given this growing vocabulary, our gastronomy translations are an important tool in the communication between suppliers and customers.

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