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Preparing translations correctly

Texts of all kinds are often created with the greatest care and aim to offer readers high-quality and informative content. Exactly the same care should be given to the translation – and this begins with the preparation of the translations. In the following, the Easytrans24.com translation agency gives you some tips on how best to prepare your translation project.

File format

Choosing the right file format is important. PDF files should be avoided, texts that do not require translation should be hidden and content should be provided in the correct (original) format. We support more than 40 file formats. You can find instructions on how best to prepare your files here.

Instructions for translators

Give precise instructions with your submitted texts. For what purpose are the translations intended? What style do you require? Do you want the same translators from past assignments? Formulate your request as precisely as possible so that misunderstandings can be ruled out from the outset.

Additional information

If your text has reference material that may help the translator understand the overall context, you should make this available. In the case of translations for online shops, for example, this might include product images, in the case of app translation suitable screenshots and in the case of subtitles the film that is to be localised with a translation.

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Got everything ready?

Then request a quote now. The quickest way to get a quote is to use our enquiry form. We ask for the texts to be translated and the language combination and send you a quote within 30 minutes.

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