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Understanding the translation process

In this section, we explain what happens after you place your order and the steps your translations go through.


Translation editor

Your text is input into our editor and divided into individual segments. The translators work their way through segment by segment and can compare their translation with the original text at any time. The translation of each individual segment is stored in our translation memory in order to guarantee consistent terminology in recurring contexts.


Review by translator

Once the translation is complete, it is first checked by the translator for typos, consistent wording and, of course, spelling and grammar, and amended if necessary.


Second review by a proofreader

If you have booked a PRO translation, then the text will be reviewed by a second person. This means that the translation is carried out by two translators according to the dual control principle. The translation is checked both for content (correct/incorrect translation) and again for spelling, grammar, typography as well as content and meaning.


Approval by the project manager

After completion of the translation, your translation is carefully checked again internally by our project managers for completeness, file formality and format, and then approved.

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