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What is a specialist translator?

A specialist translator deals with the translation of technically demanding texts from marketing, technology, science or other disciplines. In addition to excellent language skills in two languages, the profession therefore also requires expertise in a specific field.

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The role of expert translation

A specialist translator is tasked with conveying an author’s message correctly. In the case of technically demanding assignments such as annual reports, operating instructions and scientific articles, it is not enough to simply translate the text to be translated word for word into the target language. Rather, ambiguities, technical terms and subtle linguistic aspects must be taken into account.

Difference between general translator vs. Specialist Translator

A technical text differs from a general-language text primarily in its high density of technical terms. It has a much higher information content and is aimed at a specialist audience, which presupposes a certain terminology that the specialist translator should take into account in their work. General texts such as brochures, blog articles or catalogues are easier to translate because they contain almost no technical terms and are aimed more at a general audience. This is where the general translator comes in.

When do you need a specialist translator?

If specialist knowledge is required to understand a text in the source language, a specialist translator should be consulted, for example from Easytrans24.com. Due to their specialisation, the translator is familiar with the technical terminology, can familiarise themselves with specialist subjects in a very short time and has a feel for subtle nuances that are relevant to the specialist audience. The wrong translation of a technical term can have fatal consequences.

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FAQ: More questions about specialist translators

What does a specialist translator mean?

A specialist translator is a translator who has subject-specific knowledge and can therefore translate demanding, scientific or technical texts into the desired language.

What is the difference between a general translator and a specialist translator?

While a general translator tends to deal with simple texts aimed at a general audience, the assignments of a specialist translator have a high density of technical terms and are aimed at an expert audience.

How much does a specialist translator earn?

The salary depends on the type of employment or freelance work and also on the federal state in which the translation service is provided. On average, a specialist translator earns £32,700 per year.

How can you become a specialist translator?

There is no specific training, as the profession of specialist translator is not officially recognised. Most translators specialise sooner or later, which makes their work easier. However, lateral entrants can also translate specialist texts as they usually have subject-specific expertise.

Where can you work as a specialist translator?

Most specialist translators work freelance for a wide range of clients. Others work in translation agencies or in project management.

Which subject areas do translators work in?

The fields of expertise are diverse. Translators are primarily required in the fields of marketing, law, medicine, science, technology, engineering and business.

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