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What is immersion?

In linguistics, immersion refers to a method of learning a second language. Immersion is derived from the Latin term ‘immersio’ and means ‘to immerse’. In this approach, people are placed in a foreign language environment, which is why in German it is also called a ‘language bath’.

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Immersion method in second-language acquisition

Language acquisition for children begins in the womb; research is largely agreed on this. Children learn their mother tongue through constant exchange with parents and other caregivers. Controlled teaching is not necessary for this. A foreign language or second language can also be acquired under natural conditions as early as two to four years of age.

Immersion process

During the immersion process, the child acquires the new language, such as English, by constantly hearing, seeing and speaking the language. Immersion thus enables children to understand language from its context without it being translated. This clearly distinguishes the immersion method from “artificial” English lessons.

How the immersion method works

Daycare centres and nurseries are the ideal environment for immersive teaching, as neural development at this age is so advanced that the “window for languages” is wide open. Children learn the second language in their everyday environment and in an authentic way – just as they acquired their mother tongue. The immersion method places a lot of emphasis on facial expressions and gestures but there is no translation at all.

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FAQ: More questions about immersion

What does immersion mean?

Immersion refers to a foreign language environment into which a person is placed in order to acquire a foreign language.

What is the immersion method?

The immersion method is the most effective way to learn a language. The learner is immersed in a foreign-language environment and develops the contexts through everyday situations – without the time-consuming learning of vocabulary.

What does “immersive” mean in English?

The term “immersive” is derived from the Latin “immersio” and means immersion, embedding.

How can I learn a foreign language through immersion?

Language acquisition through immersion is as incidental as learning the mother tongue. Through daily listening, reading and speaking, the language solidifies all by itself. It is simply important to create the appropriate environment.

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