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What is revision?

revision is the checking of a text for orthographic, grammatical and typographical errors. Professional revision often improves formatting and expression, but not style. The aim of revision is to produce an error-free text.

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Revision – What matters

In principle, any text can be proofread, whether in printed or digital format. Professional revision services are often used by students to check term papers, bachelor’s theses or master’s theses for any errors. However, authors and companies also benefit from this service when it comes to correcting texts prior to publication.

Components of text correction

Revision focuses on the spelling, punctuation and grammar of a written piece of work. Errors in formatting and the expression of a text are also frequently corrected.

Spelling correction

Spelling correction involves checking that spelling rules have been observed: Are all the words spelled correctly? Are there any typing errors? Sentence correction also focuses on upper/lower case.

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FAQ: More questions about revision

What does “correction” mean?

revision or text correction involves checking a text with regard to
spelling mistakes and errors in punctuation and grammar with subsequent correction.

How much does revision cost?

The costs for revisions vary from provider to provider. For revision of a standard page, you usually pay between £3.00 and £5.75. A standard page contains 1,500 characters including spaces and footnotes.

What do you call someone who proofreads?

The profession is called proofreader.

Are revisions of scientific papers allowed?

Yes, revisions and editing of term papers, bachelor theses or master theses is legal. Revision and editing do not change the author’s own academic performance.

What is the difference between Revision and editing?

Revision involves revising a text with regard to punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes, while editing additionally involves improving the style and content.

How much time should you allow for revisions?

You should allow approximately one to two weeks for the revision of a scientific paper, depending on its length. This way, friends, fellow students or professional proofreaders still have enough time to correct the text.

What is a standard page in a revision?

VG WORT has set the text volume of a standard page at 1,500 characters including spaces. Revision prices are often based on the number of standard pages.

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