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Terminology is the totality of all concepts (terms) of a subject area. It can be written down in a dictionary or glossary, for example. Companies also organise their terms to include clear rules. This forms the basis of efficient and clear communication with partners, customers and colleagues. If specific terminology already exists in a subject area, for example in medicine, this is referred to as nomenclature.

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Terminology basics

Every company uses specific terminology for products, processes and activities. It is part of the corporate language and can be found in almost every company. If the technical vocabulary is not clearly defined, misunderstandings can quickly arise. Terminology work and terminology management ensure goal-oriented communication. The work of a translator is also much more efficient if the terminology is laid down in a binding manner.

Advantages of consistent terminology

For companies in particular, consistent terminology leads to uniform corporate language. In addition to improving internal and external communication, content remains comprehensible in all languages. It enables faster text creation and, above all, a reduction in translation costs. In addition, there is no danger of confusion due to incorrect designations.

The terminology work

Terminology work deals with the planning, definition, editing, storage and use of company-specific terms. It is important to assign a central place where all terms including translations and additional information are recorded. Digital dictionaries, terminology databases and other terminology management systems are often used for this purpose. In order to further expand the technical vocabulary, new terms that arise during product development, for example, are continuously entered into the database.

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FAQ: More questions about terminology

What does terminology mean?

Terminology is the set of all technical terms in a subject or application area. In some
areas, it is determined by the companies themselves but in others there are also binding terminologies (nomenclature).

What is a term?

A term, also called a technical word or technical term, is a fixed designation for a concept within the technical language of a subject area.

What is terminology work?

Terminology work is about compiling technical terms according to relevant rules and standardising them where necessary.

Why is terminology important?

Consistency and corporate identity are maintained through uniform terminology in companies and organisations.

What is the benefit of technical language for a company?

Within a company, consistent terminology ensures that internal and external communication is improved and misunderstandings are avoided.

What is the importance of terminology work in translation?

Terminology work is an important basis for accurate translations. Standardisation of words and terms ensures that the correct term is always used in a translation.

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