Transparent and attractive pricing

Affordable translations, editing and proofreading services


By native-speakers with translation diplomas


9.9 c

per source word

  • Native-speaker translator
  • Expert translator
  • DIN EN ISO 17100 standard
  • Two-stage proofreading
  • Personal support


By professional native-speaker editors


5.5 c

per source word

  • Native-speaker editor
  • Expert editor
  • Spell check & grammar check
  • Logic & typography
  • Verification of previous translations


By professional native-speaker proofreaders


4.7 c

per source word

  • Native-speaker proofreader
  • Expert proofreader
  • Spell check & grammar check
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The affordability of translations

Transparent calculation per word

Payment is simple and is always based on a transparent price per source word. We have compiled some examples of prices below for typical types of translation:



180 words



750 words



500 words



1.000 words



4,500 words

For DTP services (desktop publishing), we charge €69/hour and we also offer a wide range of services, including low-cost translations and professional editing and proofreading.

Our translation memory technology

For cost-effective translations

Translation Memory

Do you want to make big savings?

For €2.90 per job, we can save all your translations into our specialist translation software and assign you an individual ‘translation memory’ precisely tailored to your projects. This guarantees that all subsequent projects use consistent terminology and wording, which ensures your corporate identity is maintained throughout your written communication. It also keeps translation costs down over the long term because terms or sentences that have already been translated will not be included in the price calculation.

Q+ und Kostenersparnis

Q+ but still low cost

Using translation memory can save you plenty of money. Over time, translations will become up to 40% cheaper as exact matches from previous translations can be used more and more. This approach, a terminology guarantee, also helps ensure significantly higher quality translations than could be generated by a translator who is not using translation memory.