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Flemish Translations

The Flemish language is also called Belgian Dutch. We have excellent specialist translators available for your Flemish translations who will assist you with the highest level of professionalism. In the following, we have compiled key information for you that will give you a good insight into the topic of Flemish translations and language dissemination.

Our translation team

In our Flemish translation team, as in all other language teams, we employ only highly qualified native speakers. This is how we guarantee professional and efficient processing of your orders. To support this, we divide our specialist Flemish translators into 31 subject areas. The fields of medicine and industry are just a small excerpt from our broad repertoire with which we are happy to assist you. You can request quotes for Flemish translations directly online: Request a quote

Professional translators & native speakers

For the Flemish language, our 87 highly qualified translators based in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are at your disposal. We can provide you with the right linguist in virtually any industry. For example, if you need a Flemish translation of an instruction manual, we can provide you with qualified native speakers. This ensures that even complicated technical terms are accurately translated across. We are happy to help you with all matters concerning the Flemish language – please feel free to contact us.

Specific industries in Flanders

To be successful in the Belgian market, it is important to have the right partner for high-quality translations at your side. This is essential, for example, for an online shop that wants to sell Belgian chocolates abroad but also for a classic importer who wants to conquer the Belgian market. Would you also like to tap into the broad Belgian market? Then we are the right partner for your Belgian translations. No matter what industry you are in, we always have the right, highly qualified linguist for you. After all, nothing looks more professional than flawless communication, even with foreign customers and suppliers. But what exactly are the specific industries in Belgium? Belgium is particularly renowned for producing confectionery. Its famous Belgian chocolates are popular with children all over the world. However, Belgium is not only known for its high-quality chocolates. You can also buy delicious Belgian waffles on every street corner should you feel the urge for something sweet. This is best followed by a cold beer to cool down. It’s not particularly easy to choose though because the Belgian people are also known for their great variety of brewery products. Beer is produced here in different flavours and grape varieties.

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Our services

We provide competent support in the Flemish language. Professional proofreading is just as much a matter of course for us as diverse editing work. For our Flemish translations, we generally charge a word rate of £0.09 to £0.10, while for proofreading work we have set a word rate of £0.05 to £0.07. We base our prices on the different areas of expertise and language combinations. Feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a free and non-binding quote.

The Belgian language

Flemish is also known as ‘Belgian Dutch’ and is part of the Indo-European language family. The Belgian language is a mix of French and Dutch. For historical reasons, there are many loan words – especially from the French and Dutch speaking areas. However, the German language has also had an influence on the language over time. Of course, the Flemish language cannot be denied its distinctiveness. Communication between a Belgian and a French person, for example, cannot take place without knowledge of foreign languages. However, the similarity between the Flemish and Dutch languages is so great that further language skills are not necessarily required. The Belgian population also understands the Dutch language.

Dissemination of the Belgian language

Flemish is spoken by 7 million people worldwide and is predominantly found in Belgium itself. Although French and German are also official languages in Belgium, the Flemish dialect is the most widely spoken in public life. We recommend Flemish translations to ensure smooth communication with Belgian business partners or customers.

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Learn Flemish

Belgian Dutch is very similar to standard Dutch and therefore similarly easy to learn. The two languages are very similar in structure to the German language, which makes language acquisition easier for native German speakers. Since the Flemish language is spoken by comparatively few people, one is considered somewhat exotic with this language repertoire. However, you can also converse perfectly with Dutch people, which makes learning this language doubly attractive.

Dialects & Pronunciations

There are four different dialects in Belgium. These are divided into two Flemish dialects and two Dutch dialects. West Flemish: Spoken in the province of West Flanders. East Flemish: Spoken in the province of East Flanders. Brabant: Spoken in the more eastern part of the country. Limburgian: Spoken in the small, easternmost part of the country. Dialects play a big role in Belgium. Thus, every other person also speaks a dialect in addition to ‘normal’ Flemish. In the neighbouring states, dialects are comparatively less pronounced.

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The Flemish-speaking area

Although it is often assumed that only Flemish (or Belgian Dutch) is spoken in Belgium, Belgium actually consists of three language zones, namely Flemish (where Flemish is dominant), Walloon (where French is dominant) and German. For this reason, Belgium has also been divided into three regions and three communities since the 1970s, and the government has been decentralised to the greatest possible extent. Belgians are generally very polite and relaxed people. They are sometimes a little suspicious of visitors but if you can get used to having one of the many sweet beers in a convivial atmosphere, especially at the weekend, you will quickly make friends with the Flemings and Walloons.

Typically Belgian

The Flemings like it spicy, sweet and hearty. This is reflected both in their cuisine and in the mostly alcoholic drinks. However, the proximity to the sea is also particularly noticeable in Flemish cuisine. In addition to their comparatively high-proof beer, Belgians are really crazy about French fries. Comics are more popular in Belgium than anywhere else in Europe. Even if this is (supposedly) more due to the Walloon part of the country, the Flemings also embrace it.

Dos & don’ts in Flanders

On the one hand, Belgians are very warm, cosmopolitan and tolerant, but they are also quite introverted on the other. For example, even though Belgium was one of the first countries to allow same-sex marriages, Belgians do not like couples (whether same-sex or opposite-sex) kissing in public. It is similar with beers. Drinking them (even in public) is perfectly fine. But please don’t consume in excess and definitely don’t drink from the bottle. You should be sure to visit one of the many music festivals in Belgium. Despite its small size, you can find an extremely large number of them in Belgium for almost every musical taste.

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