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There’s more to the French language than its elegance – it’s spoken in over 29 countries. That makes French one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

1,500 translators for French translations

High-quality, DIN EN ISO 17100-compliant French translations for every need.

All translation services from a single source: French translations, certified translations and specialist translations and much more.

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Professional French translations according to the dual-control principle

Accurate French-German/German-French translations for successful negotiations in a worldwide Francophone market.

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Professional translators: From a pool of 1,500 specialist translators, we’ll pick out an appropriate French translator with suitable specialist knowledge in your field. Whether it’s English-French, French-Russian or Turkish-French: our native translators translate texts to the highest standard.


The highest quality standard: Our translation agency will support you with certified translators and the highest standards of quality. We’ll provide you with professional French translations that are tailored to your sector and comply with DIN standards.

All subject areas: With 115 languages and 31 subject areas, we can cover virtually all our clients’ needs from a single source. Get the most out of our specialist expertise, e.g. in medical, technical or legal translations into French.

French in multiple language combinations

Share your message with French-speaking countries the world over! Alongside French-German and German-French, we provide translations for all language combinations including English-French, French-Russian and French-Italian.

Deutsche Übersetzungen (Deutschland)

French-German translations: Germany and France have close economic ties, but we also appreciate French cuisine, art and architecture here in Germany. On top of that, French-German/German-French translations are in high demand in the tourism sector.

Französische Übersetzungen (Frankreich)

English-French translations: Like English, French is also a global language that is spoken by people the world over. With professionalism and a good feel for your target group, our talented linguists will translate your content for a wider audience from English into French.

Russische Übersetzungen

French-Russian translations: Our Russian-French translators will translate your content into Russian quickly and with technical accuracy, all the while taking into account the cultural and topical context. Translations for commodity trading, industry and agriculture are in particularly high demand.

Italienische Übersetzungen (Italien)

French-Italian translations: France and Italy are both known for their beautiful landscapes, world-famous cuisine and their special attitude towards life. Aside from tourism, our French-Italian translators support companies from the economic and energy sectors and wholesale.

Türkische Übersetzungen

Turkish-French translations: The Turkish language is very different from French, which is why translations from Turkish require a very good feel for the language. With their work, our Turkish-French translators will make sure you can communicate seamlessly and in a targeted manner in the Turkish-speaking world.

All language services from a single source is a DIN-certified translation agency for French text translations, certifications and specialist translations to and from the French language. With more than 30 specialist areas and a team of more than 1,500 specialist translators, we always have the right solution for our clients at the ready.

Text translations: We are your point of contact for whenever you need texts or any other kind of content translated into French. With our translation services, you can have your texts translated quickly and easily and thanks to our quality guarantee, you can always rely on excellent results.


Certified translations: We provide certified translations which will allow documents to be officially recognized by authorities, administrative bodies and courts. Our sworn translators are often tasked with providing certified French-German translations, but other language combinations are possible.

Specialist translations: In our translation agency with offices in Berlin, Zürich and Hamburg, we offer professional specialist translations for French and other languages. Our pool of experience covers more than 30 subject areas including legal, medical and technical translations in the language combination French/German.

Other languages from

Französische Übersetzungen (Schweiz)

Swiss French: French isn’t only spoken in France – it’s also one of the four official languages of Switzerland alongside German, Italian and Romansch. As experienced translation service providers, has the best knowledge of the regional particularities of Swiss French and provides translations that are suitable for your target group.

Flämische Übersetzungen (Niederländisch für Belgien)

Belgian French: Belgium also has multiple national languages. That’s why translation services can be very helpful for communication. Whilst the south is mostly populated by French speakers, Dutch and German are spoken in other parts of the country. Therefore, for every translation, we will use an experienced native speaker from Belgium.

Afrikanische Übersetzungen

African French: French is spoken in many parts of the world. The French language is still also widely spoken in many African countries. This is a testimony to the continent’s colonial past. Our French-German linguists are well acquainted with all varieties of the French language.

Specialist translations for every target group

Thanks to 20 years of industry experience, is a reliable partner for specialist translations of every kind, not just in French. Alongside legal and technical translations, we also translate content from the IT, medical, tourism and automotive sectors.

Legal translations: Like in any other language, legal translations in German-French also require linguistic precision and a high level of legal knowledge. Our sworn translators and legal experts produce sound legal translations for contracts, business documents or legal correspondence, for example.

Medical translations: Our health is our greatest asset. That’s why the utmost care must be taken when translating specialist medical texts. Our experienced specialist translators provide high-quality medical translations for French-German in all subject areas, including medical technology, dentistry and pharmacy.

Technical translations: As a translation agency working with French, technical translations are also part of our offer. We translate operating instructions, technical documents and manuals reliably and competently, all the while taking into account your target group’s level of knowledge.

FAQ: The most important questions about French translation

What are the prices for German – French translations at the translation agency

With us, you’ll get high-quality translation services at the best price. Prices for translations from German-French/French-German begin at 9.9 ct per word.

What can I expect from the French translations at

As a professional translation service provider for French and a wide range of other languages, we stand out with our constant guarantee of quality translations. Upon request, we will also provide certified translations, e.g. for French-German.

What distinguishes the French translators of

All our translation services follow the native language principle. This means that our translators translate from one foreign language into their native tongue. Thanks to years of experience, our linguists can provide high-quality translations into French.

For which specialist areas does offer French-German translations?

At, experienced specialist translators interpret and translate in more than 30 subject areas. These include legal translations, medical translations and technical translations, e.g. in French-German, but we also provide specialist translations for business, IT, Marketing and tourism.