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Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It captivates people with its many regional variations.

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Experienced translators: With more than 1,500 specialist translators, we’ll always be able to find you the perfect Spanish translator with the specialist expertise you need. With our Spanish-German or English-Spanish translations, we’ll help you overcome all language barriers.


The highest quality standard: We specialize in Spanish translations – no matter which regional variety. As a DIN EN ISO 17100-certified translation agency, we’ll provide you with professional translations in all subject areas and speak to your target group in their language.

All subject areas: Like in any other language, specialist translations into Spanish require not only an experienced translator, but also specialist expertise in their respective subject areas. Our international pool of 1,500 linguists specialize in more than 30 subject areas.

Spanish for all language combinations

Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world after English, Mandarin and Hindi. We translate in more than 115 language combinations including SpanishGerman, SpanishEnglish and TurkishSpanish. However, we have also committed ourselves to text translations in combinations such as ItalianSpanish or FrenchSpanish.

Deutsche Übersetzungen (Deutschland)

Spanish – German translations: The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the Kingdom of Spain’s most important trade partners. Spanish-German and German-Spanish translations are essential to the winegrowing, wider agriculture and tourism sectors.

Englische Übersetzungen (Großbritannien)

Spanish – English translations: Brexit hasn’t damaged the relationship between the UK and Spain. Around 10% of Spanish exports are sold in Great Britain. These include agricultural goods, cars and medicines. What’s more, there are more Brits living in Spain than in any other EU country. Therefore, translations from Spanish into English benefit both nations.

Türkische Übersetzungen

Turkish – Spanish translations: Our translation agency has experienced native speakers from both countries at the ready to bring you professional Turkish-Spanish translations. Spain and Turkey have longstanding diplomatic relations which are being further deepened by trade, tourism and the energy sector.

Italienische Übersetzungen (Italien)

Italian – Spanish translations: Spain and Italy have much in common when it comes to their history and geographical situation alone. But on top of that, both nations are rich in art, culture, and cuisine and are extremely popular European travel destinations. Italian-Spanish translations are very often requested for the tourism and gastronomy sectors.

Französische Übersetzungen (Frankreich)

French – Spanish translations : We provide our customers with French-Spanish/Spanish-French translations on a daily basis. With top-quality specialist French translations, we support our clients in fields such as science, culture and tourism.

All language services from a single source

Spanish translations are indispensable not only for successful communication between business and trade partners, but also between institutions or for correspondence between private individuals. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a reliable translation service provider with our translation, certification and editing services.

Text translations: With our translation services, you can have your texts translated from or into Spanish quickly and easily and save valuable time in the process. Whether it’s a simple piece of text, e-mails or internal communication, we’ll always be glad to accept your order and carry out your task with enthusiasm.


Certified translations: If you have to submit documents in another language to an authority or a court, you usually require an official certification to attest their accuracy. Our sworn translators will provide you with a fast, reliable and certified translation.

Specialist translations: With our pool of more than 1,500 specialist translators from all over the world, we offer professional expert translations in Spanish and other languages. Our range is diverse – we can provide translations in more than 30 subject areas including law, medicine and technology.

Other languages from

Spanische Übersetzungen (Spanien)

Castilian Spanish: Castilian is an ancestor of modern Spanish. The name refers to the Spanish province of Castile, where the language is thought to have its origins. Castilian is primarily an official language in northern and central Spain, while regional languages such as Catalan, Galician and Basque are spoken in other parts of the country.

Spanische Übersetzungen (Mexico)

Latin American Spanish: Latin America is made up of 20 countries including Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador. However, Spanish is also spoken in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Chile, where individual variations of the language differ in terms of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Anyone who needs a German-Mexican Spanish translator can find one easily at

Specialist translations for every target group has been providing professional specialist translations in a wide range of languages and subject areas for more than 20 years. Aside from legal, medical and technical translations in Spanish, we also provide German-Spanish translations for marketing, IT and the tourism sector.

Legal translations: Like in any other language, legal translations into Spanish require a trusted specialist translator who is familiar with the task and has expert knowledge of the legal system of their target language country. Thanks to years of experience and sound legal expertise, your legal texts, contracts and certificates are in the best hands at

Medical translations: Our medical translations are carried out exclusively by native-language specialists with training or experience in the field. Apart from many years of experience, an accurate translation of specialist medical texts requires extensive knowledge of subject-specific terminology.

Technical translations: With our worldwide network of qualified specialist translators, we are the right partner for you when you require complex technical translations in German-Spanish or various other language combinations. We translate technical manuals and operating instructions quickly, reliably and with expert knowledge.

FAQ: The most important questions about Spanish translation

What are the prices for German-Spanish translations at the translation agency

The price of a German-Spanish or Spanish-German translation depends primarily on the length of the text that needs to be translated. Our high-quality language services start at 9.9 ct/word. We would be happy to provide a non-binding quote based on your documents.

What can I expect from the Spanish translations at

As a certified translation agency, we provide various language services such as text translations, specialist translations and certified translations from and into Spanish. We guarantee our top-quality language services every time with our dual-control principle.

What distinguishes the Spanish translators of

As a qualified Spanish translation agency, we work exclusively with a select group of experienced translators from all over the world. Thanks to our linguists’ many years of experience, we can provide high-quality translations into Spanish.

For which specialist areas does offer Spanish-German translations?

We provide high-quality specialist translations in more than 30 subject areas carried out by native speakers with sound knowledge of their respective fields. Alongside technical, medical and legal translations in Spanish, our clients can also benefit from our experience in other fields such as software & apps, e-commerce, marketing and the automotive industry.