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Translation agency for German-Swedish

Our services include professional translations into Swedish by real native speakers. For example, we offer translations from German into Swedish or from Swedish into German. Three different quality levels are available to choose from; if required, we can also translate using the dual control principle. Our Swedish translations allow you to bring your products or services to the Swedish market.

Why you should choose Easytrans24.com

1,500 translators for Swedish translations

We have 1,500 translators working for us. All of them are highly trained, 100% native speakers and excel in their linguistic skills. In addition to translations from Swedish into German, we also offer German-Swedish, Finnish-Swedish and Norwegian-Swedish.

Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100

The Easytrans24.com translation agency is certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100. High-quality translations are particularly important to us. With our specialist translators, we can provide Swedish translations for more than 30 industries, and also certified on request.

Translation into and from Swedish

We offer translations in 115 other language combinations in addition to German-Swedish/Swedish-German. Our enquiry form gives you access to high-quality translations to help you expand your business internationally.

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Good to know

The Easytrans24.com translation agency has been active in the field of translations for over 20 years and specialises in Swedish translations, among other things. Using the latest technologies and CAT tools, we guarantee the highest quality and offer specialised translations in three quality levels for every requirement: AI+, BASIC and PRO.

Key facts about Swedish-German

Specialised translators

Our translation agency has a network of motivated and highly qualified Swedish translators, all of whom are native speakers and have at least 5 years’ professional experience. That is why we offer not only standard translations but also professional, expert translations.

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Quality guarantee

We are a certified translation agency and guarantee standard-compliant implementation according to DIN EN ISO 17100 for Swedish-German translations. The “PRO” quality level includes proofreading by a second person. Upon request, each translation can also be certified.

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All sectors

Our Swedish translators have extensive knowledge in over 30 subject areas, including medicine, law, technology, renewable energy and tourism. They either have a degree, an apprenticeship or years of professional experience in their respective field.

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Language combinations with Swedish

In addition to German-Swedish and Swedish-German, we translate many other language combinations, including Swedish-English, English-Swedish, French-Swedish, Swedish-Spanish and Swedish-Norwegian:

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German-Swedish translations

Germany and Sweden have maintained close economic and cultural relations for decades. For German companies looking to expand their presence in Sweden, high-quality German-Swedish or Swedish-German translations are of great importance.

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Swedish-English translations

As the world language for trade, politics, culture and long-distance transport, English plays an important role for all companies that want to operate internationally. Swedish-English translations are of great importance for Swedish companies that are geared towards the global market.

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English-Swedish translations

English is an important lingua franca in Sweden and is also increasingly used in the Swedish workplace. For Swedish companies that operate internationally, high-quality English-Swedish translations are of great importance.

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Our translators

Real native speakers

Our German-Swedish translators are native speakers of Swedish and therefore offer high-quality translations that correspond precisely to the content of the original. Our Swedish translators have a deep understanding of the Swedish culture and language and are able to translate texts precisely and reliably for you. Our native speaker skills make us particularly strong in translating culturally influenced terms and expressions.


Our Swedish translators have many years of experience in translating documents, websites and other texts in various fields. Our Swedish-German translators bring their experience, skills and knowledge of a wide range of subjects to deliver the best possible quality.


We specialise in the translation of texts in over 30 subject areas and numerous industries. All German-Swedish translators are therefore specialised in a few subject areas and are true professionals in these fields. They are able to translate complex and specialised texts for you quickly and reliably.

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FAQ: Key questions & answers about Swedish translations

How exactly does a translation into Swedish work?

The translator first reads and understands the source text and then considers how it can be accurately translated into Swedish. Linguistic, cultural and contextual aspects are taken into account. The text must correspond to the original in content and meaning at the end, but not sound translated.

Can I apply as a Swedish-German translator?

Yes, we are regularly looking for dedicated and experienced linguists for translations from Swedish into German. You can apply at any time using our application form.

What kind of texts and documents can be translated into Swedish?

Almost any type of text or document can be translated into Swedish. There are also specialised translators for certain fields such as medicine, IT and law.

Why is it important to hire professional Swedish translators?

Professional Swedish translators at Easytrans24.com are always native speakers of Swedish who have a perfect command of the language and are therefore able to translate the text accurately and without errors. They help to ensure that the text is clearly understood in the target culture and language and achieves its desired effect.

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