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What is editing?

Editing is the improvement of texts in terms of spelling, style, grammar and content.

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Meaning of editing

Compared to mainly linguistic and formal proofreading, editing also focuses on content-related aspects of proofreading. The department responsible for text correction in a publishing house, an advertising agency or a translation agency is also called editorial. The term “lector” comes from Latin and means “reader”. While reading is the central task of the editor, it is not the only one: The editor corrects spelling, grammar and punctuation of a text and also focuses on content-related aspects of proofreading: they check the structure, argumentation and sources of a paper. This can be, for example, a manuscript, a bachelor’s thesis, a master’s thesis or even a dissertation.

How does one become an editor?

The profession of editor is suitable for career changers, as specific training or studies are not necessary in this field. Often, the path to editing follows a degree in humanities subjects such as German, English or linguistics, or via working in the book trade. Those who want to enter the publishing business as an editor can usually complete a traineeship there. As is often the case, practical experience makes it much easier to enter the profession. An alternative to employment in a publishing house is self-employment.

What does editing involve?

Editing is about correcting mistakes and unattractive formulations. How deeply the editor intervenes in the text depends on the client who pays for this service. When it comes to editing a text, however, there are standards to adhere to. Proofreading is always included. This involves checking a text for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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FAQ: More questions about editing

How much do you earn as an editor?

Starting salaries for editors are around £2,000 gross per month. The exact income of an editor depends on the place of work, the size of the company, the responsibility and the work experience. Editors with professional experience earn approx. £3,100 gross. A freelance editor can negotiate his or her own salary. Earnings depend heavily on the order situation.

What does one do as an editor?

An editor’s job is to ensure the quality of a text. In addition to correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation, they also perform a stylistic and linguistic revision of the work.

What does editing involve?

Editing is designed to improve a text without distorting the author’s style. Editing involves the stylistic and linguistic revision of a text. The author has the final say and decides which corrections to accept.

What does editing mean?

Editing means the revision of a text by an editor. Errors are corrected and linguistic adjustments are made.

How much does editing cost?

The prices for editing a text can vary and depend, among other things, on the experience and the type of employment of the service provider. Freelance editors set their own fees or negotiate them with the client. Fees based on hours or standard pages are common. A standard page contains approx. 1,500-1,650 characters including spaces.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Proofreading is primarily concerned with improving spelling, grammar and punctuation, while editing is additionally concerned with revising content and style.

Is editing even allowed for scientific work?

Yes, editing and proofreading of Bachelor work, Master work and dissertations is legal. No one can prevent you from having a scientific paper proofread, as this does not change the scientific work itself.

How long does an editing job take?

Thorough editing takes time and depends on the individual text quality and, of course, the editor. For a document with approx. 100 standard pages, you should expect at least 12 hours of editing time.

Is the content altered during editing?

During editing, the author receives a kind of expert opinion that is intended to help further develop the content of a work. It is up to the author as to whether they implement this feedback. The original writer’s tone should fundamentally remain unchanged.

For which genres are editing and proofreading services offered?

In principle, a revision of all genres is possible. Depending on the service provider, however, there are specialisations in certain subject areas.

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