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What is foreign-language typesetting?

Foreign-language typesetting describes the visual adaptation of the layout of a translation analogous to the layout of the original file. Foreign-language typesetting ensures that your translation is perfectly laid out and looks just as good as the original.

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What is foreign-language typesetting?

Foreign-language typesetting (also called DTP) is an important tool for presenting your translations in the target language. After all, as the saying goes: you eat with your eyes. In this context, this means that your translations should not only be perfect in terms of content, but also visually appealing – this is exactly what foreign-language typesetting ensures. It is advisable to commission an experienced DTP service with the foreign-language typesetting, which also has a command of the target language and is familiar with the corresponding DTP software. Using a professional DTP graphic designer is the only way to correct formatting errors and make the layout look like the original in the target language as well. You can find more information on the topic of foreign-language typesetting and DTP here. You’ll also find out about the different types of services available in the field of foreign-language typesetting.

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