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Translation agency for Icelandic translations

We produce all kinds of Icelandic translations for any language combination

These include Icelandic translations for Icelandic-German or German-Icelandic as well as Icelandic-English or English-Icelandic.

Specialist translators for Icelandic translations

Real native speakers for all Icelandic translations

Our specialist translators for Icelandic are genuine native speakers and deliver top-quality translations.

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Value for money

We offer value for money as well as highly reliable order processing if you need translations from Icelandic into another language or from any language into Icelandic. You can find more details in our Prices section.

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Our services

We always translate exactly what you need in more than 100 different language combinations. In addition to our normal translations, we also offer editing services, which include checking spelling, grammar, logic and typography as standard.

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Top expertise

We have over 20 years of industry experience with translation work. Our translation service guarantees high-quality translations and a professional result for all Icelandic translations and we only use native speakers.

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Our translation team


We currently have 19 translators offering Icelandic translations. Based in Germany or Iceland, they are there for you and will dedicate themselves to your translations with outstanding expertise.

Specialist translators

We offer professional Icelandic translations in more than 30 subject areas. Our professional translators specialise in the fields of industry, marketing and medicine, among others.

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Special industries in Iceland

One of the most important economic sectors in which Icelandic translations are always needed is the import and export from other EU countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Norway or Spain. Since a large proportion of Icelanders are involved in fishing, exports mainly include fish and imports include the machinery needed to catch them. In addition to the fishing industry, agriculture is also a large industry in Iceland. Above all, the country thrives on livestock farming of sheep, horses and cattle. Icelandic translations are therefore often required in these industries to circumvent or completely eliminate communication problems.

Translation & editing services

In addition to Icelandic translations, we also offer translations into other languages. Furthermore, we also offer proofreading and editing services, again for both Icelandic and other languages.

The Icelandic language

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Dissemination of the Icelandic language

Icelandic is the standard language of Iceland, originating from the Indo-European language family. It is spoken by around 300,000 people there today. There are also very few foreign words in the Icelandic language. To this day, people want to avoid the influence of other languages on the Icelandic language, or at least keep it as minimal as possible.

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Learn Icelandic

In fact, Icelandic is only taught at school in Iceland as it is the official language there. Those who are nevertheless interested in the Icelandic language and would like to learn it should be aware in advance that it is not easy to learn. This is primarily because Icelandic is a language that contains many different forms. For those who do not want to rely on self-study with textbooks or CDs, various native speakers offer private lessons or courses at adult education centres. The Internet can help you find an Icelandic language teacher in your area.

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