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What is the purpose of a glossary in translation?

A glossary, also called a terminology list, can be used to provide the translator with important information on technical terms and explanations. Furthermore, translation specifications can be defined for fixed terms, not only for one project, but also for all subsequent projects. A glossary is therefore a multilingual terminology database.

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What is a glossary?

A glossary is a multilingual terminology database that can assist the translator in the translation process. The glossary has two important functions: first, technical terms can be described and defined in more detail in the glossary. This function is particularly important for texts in specialist fields such as mechanical engineering, medicine or legal texts. The second function is to achieve consistent terminology, both within a project and across all translation projects. The corresponding terms are stored in the glossary in several languages and are displayed to the translator as they work. This way, they can incorporate them directly into the text at the right place.

For whom are glossaries useful?

We recommend that you create a glossary if you want to have texts translated that contain a lot of technical terms. It makes sense to provide the linguist with a brief explanation of the terms in a glossary. We also recommend the use of a glossary if your text contains product names that need to be translated into the target language. In this case, the product names in the target language can be recorded in the glossary. Another reason for creating a glossary is SEO-optimised translation. If your texts are search engine optimised in the source language, then this should naturally also be the case in the target language. It therefore makes sense to think about the keywords in the target language before the actual translation takes place and to note them down in the form of a glossary. The multilingual keyword list can be compiled either by you or by your translator. The multilingual terminology database is then available for all translation jobs.

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